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Effectiveness of innovation in Healthcare

Effectiveness of Innovation in Healthcare 3

Effectivenessof innovation in Healthcare


Innovationis the practice of creating and providing new client values in themarketplace. Innovation is also defined as the concept of coming upwith new elements that add value to the customers resulting in achange of how things are done. In health care, we have directionalinnovation which involves implementing change to enhance qualitycare. Innovation in health care services is improving the setconducts, practices, and way of working. There should be a strategicplan when aiming for a productive heath innovation. The strategicplan involves the goals one wants to achieve and measures to beundertaken to achieve the goals. Home health innovation should begeared towards achieving favorable conditions that are highlyaffordable to any person not targeting the rich.


Innovationin health care is correlated to process, product and structure.Innovation in process is depicted as the in the way in which productand service are offered. The process is a necessity when it comes tothe deliverance of a product and service. Process innovation isgeared towards achieving change in the way product and services areoffered. It aims at increasing the way value is delivered. Productinnovation is what the customer pays for, and it aims at giving thecustomer the best. The product is geared towards giving the customersright treatment, proper health education, best diagnostic andtreatment. It also offers long-term goals of refining quality,efficiency, and cost. Structural innovation affects the external andinternal infrastructure like the systems used for medical care.[ CITATION Ein10 l 1033 ]

Theheart of innovation is experimenting and testing how effective andefficiency the change is. New products and services are created andimproved through experiments. In medical care, a pre-post studyresearch is conducted to access the innovation. The outcomes aremeasured over and over again and interventions made. The conclusionis made from this intervention and assessment made. These evaluationsare aimed towards patients care and cost delivery.[ CITATION Ins10 l 1033 ]

Thereare two forms of research in innovation that is applied research andbasic research. Basic research seeks to explain generalized callssuch as genetic research in pharmaceuticals. Applied research guidesthe outcomes of basic research which result in modification ofproducts and services. Staffs also gauge the effectiveness and costof products. Most innovations in health care rely on cognitivescience because of their focus is meant to accommodate patients.[ CITATION Ste14 l 1033 ]


Belowis a summary relating to research development and customer basedinnovation?

  • Innovation is based on process, product, and structure.

  • The product is related to what customers are offered that is service.

  • The process is how the product is delivered and its efficiency.

  • The heart of innovation is experimenting and testing

  • Assessment and intervention are done to evaluate cost of delivering the product

  • Innovation is based on two kinds of study applied research and basic research

  • Basic research emphases on genetic research.

  • Applied research reflects on the outcomes of basic research.


Innovativedesigners hardly dwell on the data produced by heath serviceresearchers and the health services providers’ do not the mainunderstandings about the relative values of emerging innovations.Health care innovation researches are made to create better clientbased facilities which are majorly based on the product that istreatment, diagnostic, prevention, education, and Cost.


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