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Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Effectsof Cigarette Smoking

Effectsof Cigarette Smoking

Populationand sampling

Cigarettesmoking is a habit that is condemned the world over by doctors andhealth specialists. Consequently, the study will look at the effectsof smoking cigarette, which most often are so severe that somegovernments have gone to the extent of writing the effects of smokingcigarette on the packs. For instance, the Indian government has goneto the extent of printing pictures of cancer because of smokingcigarette. Despite governments employing such efforts, people stillgo on right ahead and smoke the cigarette. Cigarette smoking-relateddeaths are on the rise each year. People should shun from smokingcigarette because of its adverse effects.

Thestudy will try to establish one of the main reasons why people shouldnot smoke is because of the health problems brought about bycigarette smoking. Research has proven that tobacco smoke comprisesof nearly 7,000 chemicals and about 70 are carcinogens (Rodman andPerfetti, 2008). The chemical compounds in tobacco smoke arebenzene, ammonia, acetylene, methanol, formaldehyde and cyanide.Tobacco smoke also contains tar and the poison gases carbon monoxideand nitrogen oxide (Davis, 2011). The carcinogenic compounds intobacco smoke can lead to diseases such as mouth and lung cancer,diseases that are incurable.


Thedependent variable in the study, cigarette smokers risk contractingcardio-vascular diseases and deteriorating heart health because ofsucking in carbon monoxide gas. As the investigation progresses, itwill be evidently clear that cigarette smoke comprises of carbonmonoxide as one of its gaseous components. Harrald and Watkinsexplained that health research has shown that carbon monoxide gasreacts with the red blood cells to form a complex compound known ascarboxyhemoglobin (2010). The carboxyhemoglobin decreases oxygenlevels in the blood thus making physical activities more tiring veryquickly. Cigarette smokers most often experience shortness of breathwhen exposed to minimal physical exercise.


Mostoften cigarette smokers have to part away with much money used topurchase cigarette packs. With the price of a cigarette packaveraging from $5 to $10 one month of smoking can accumulate up toseveral hundred dollars (Davis, 2011). The cigarette smoker,therefore, does not have much extra money that could have helped inareas like car cleaning cost and laundry cost. Cigarette smoking isnot only costly to the smoker but also to the state. The state putaside huge revenues to help cure diseases that result from tobaccoand rehabilitating the smokers.

Itis not rare to see cigarette smokers with wrinkled skin, which givesthe impression of some of them being older than they are. Smoking asa habit causes premature wrinkles primarily around the lips from therepeated motion of sucking in cigarette smoke (Rodman and Perfetti,2008). Consequently, nicotine, a compound of cigarette smoke, affectsthe skin all over the body by constricting blood vessels and limitingoxygen in the blood. Subsequently, smoking also damages skin proteinslike collagen leading to sagging and wrinkling at an early age.

Manypeople who stop the habit of smoking say that eating food is anentirely new experience and compare it to tasting flavors for thefirst time. Proctor elaborated that smoking as a habit for yearsdeadens the smoker’s sense of taste and smell (2012). The chemicalcompounds in the cigarette smoke greatly affect the olfactory systemand the gustation system, which comprises of the smell buds in thenose and the taste buds in the tongue. The testing and the smellingsensations restoration are only a few days after one quits smokingmaking them enjoy food more than ever.

Cigarettesmokers usually take around the offensive odor resulting from thecigarette smoke. The clothes, the house and the car of cigarettesmokers take the offensive odor. Many people find the cigarette odoroffensive and, therefore, shun the company of cigarette smokers(Harrald and Watkins, 2010). The heavily scented smokers usually findthemselves alone if not in the company of fellow cigarette smokers.Cigarette smokers do not get to spend much time with their family andfriends because of that repelling and offensive odor that makespeople very uncomfortable.

Smokersconsume much time on smoking cigarette at the expense of doing otherimportant things. Smokers have the stress of running out every hourfor a smoke break and looking for discrete and secret hideout(Proctor, 2012). Cigarette smokers feel the anxiety and the urge ofsmoking during long car rides, bus trips, and flights. Some cigarettesmokers completely lose focus and attention during meetings becauseattention shifts to when the opportunity to smoke will presentitself. The attention of cigarette smokers has diverged fromimportant matters to the time an opportunity for smoke will presentitself.

Onthe contrary, smoking as a habit creates a bond for the cigarettesmokers. For instance, smokers in the office get to bond when takinga cigarette break and this enhances friendship. It is not rare to seesmokers asking other smokers to help them with lighters irrespectiveof race and gender. Cigarette smoking, therefore, creates unityamongst people of different races. Smoking also leads to reducedtension to a heightened sense of well-being to the smoker. Itmitigates some of the symptoms that result from mental illnesses suchas depression making smoking a self-medication.



Cost of the cigarette

Do you have a strong will to channel the money used to buy cigarette elsewhere?

Time taken smoking the cigarette

Is it okay for you to take some time off what you are doing to smoke?

Smoking for satisfaction

Is having smoking the best way for you to show your body gratitude?

Personal efficacy

Can you say “no” to smoking even when you are in the mood?

Future orientation

Do you think that smoking would make it difficult for you to focus on your life the future?

Independence from

peer pressure

Is it important for you to make the right decisions regarding smoking even if it means losing some of your smoking friends?


Thegovernmentought to stiffenthecampaignagainst cigarettesmokingbecauseits effectsoutweighits benefits.Cigarettesmokingendangersthelivesof thesmoker by makingthesmoker susceptibleto diseaseslike cancerandthecardiovascular diseases.Passivesmokers are at equalriskof contractingthediseasesthatthesmokers are proneto contracting. Cigarettesmokinghas alsoproveda costlyhabitto thesmokers. Smokers wastemuchmoneyandtimeon cigarettesmoking.Itis forsuchreasonsthatpeopleshould not smokeat all.


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