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Effects of Second World War II in Ukraine

Effectsof Second World War II in Ukraine

The prelude of World War II broke out in two decades after the FirstWorld War which came as a result of the political instability thatwas created in Europe during the First World War. In August 1939Hitler and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin signed the German-SovietNonaggression Treaty, which provoked a state of worry in London andParis. In 1st September 1939, the Germans attached the Poland tostart the World War II. During this period the 40 million Ukrainianswere to live in the land Hitler decided was to be lived by theGermans and therefore started invading the Ukrainians from the easton his way to Moscow. This is how Ukraine came to be affected by theWorld War II events (Plokhy 76)

Effectsof World War II on Ukraine

Persistenceof Historic Wounds

TheWorld War II had severe impacts on Ukraine which are still being felteven after so many years lives were lost people were injured, andsuch memories remained in the minds of the people who witnessed it.The massacres were massive and affected people of all ages especiallywomen and children. The country still experiences historic frictionswith other nations despite the fact that it tries to maintainfriendships. For instance, the memories of the massacres andmandatory expulsions during and after Second World War continue tolinger in their minds so many decades later yet still Ukraine hasstill been trying to maintain a god relationship with the countriesin the poles (Kegley 57). History has remained to be a vitalhindrance to reconciliation between Ukraine and Europe making itrather difficult for the two to engage in any economic or politicalagreements. However, despite having painful memories Poland has trieda lot to make efforts in creating permanent relations with Ukraine.For example, the Polish government has made it law that the Ukrainianmassacres should seize being called that to being called a genocideof the Poles. Poland’s President has also made lots of efforts toreduce confrontations between Ukraine and Poland to encouragecollaboration even after the nasty historic occurrences (Kosyk 67).

TheDeath of Many Military Forces and Civilians

Approximatelyover 60 million people in the whole world died during the World WarII events. 7 million of them were Ukraine Citizens. Amongst them 2.5million were the military forces and 4.5 were civilians. This made itone of the most affected countries in the world (1993). This wasquite a large number of people lost in the war, and hence the normalfunctioning of the country was a tall order. You find that probablythe children died hence leaving a big gap regarding generations. Mostof the people who survived the war were the middle aged young menmostly who could be able to fight back and also to escape leaving thelarger population of old people and children dead (Kosyk 80).


Afterthe massive death of many Ukrainians, to serious demographic issuesin the country which it has not been able to sort out to date. Thisstate has led to a hiccup in the continuation of the generationbecause the gender is not balanced. Therefore for the continuationof the country to take place there have to be intermarriages andbridging the gap has taken quite a long time. The issue of the worldwar has left Ukraine with serious demographic problems to date.Ukraine has been found to perform very poorly in all dimensions ofpopulation dynamics especially the fertility rate which has beenfound out to be below average (Kegley 57). The gap between deaths andbirths to date has never closed to date many years later and henceleaving the demographic issue continuing rather than resolving. As aresult of the nuclear bombs that were used that time the country hasbeen experiencing high mortality all the time and however many birthsare taking place very small babies are lost at tender ages. Accordingto the world health organization Ukraine is one of the countries withvery high mortality rates from non-communicable disease suchtuberculosis in the entire World Health Organization (WHO) Europeanregion (Kosyk 77)

Effectson the Ukrainian Economy

Afterthe world war, Ukraine suffered poor governance in the politicalarena as well as corruption. It did not have a stable government tolead it to the next level of revival. As a result, poor decisionswere made, and due to bad governance, the economy starteddepreciating. The demographic issues of Ukraine also led to a directeffect on the economy. The economy has a hard time to stabilize dueto the unstable demographic state of the country. Around 7 millionlives of Ukrainians were lost during the war and the country hasnever been able to recover completely. For a normal functioning of acountry ought economy there to be a normal functioning demographicpattern (Plokhy 34) This has been one of the issues that have greatlyaffected the economy of the Ukraine. As mentioned earlier, theemotional trauma of the people took a strong hold on the people for along time and even to date it has been found that the trauma andhistorical wounds still exists. It took so long for healing to takeplace and even generations after the event the Ukrainians are notable to relate freely with other countries. History has remained tobe a vital hindrance to reconciliation between Ukraine and Europemaking it rather difficult for the two to engage in any economic orpolitical agreements. However, despite having painful memories Polandhas tried a lot to make efforts in creating permanent relations withUkraine. The poor political governance has also lead to investors notbeing able to invest well in the country. Ideally, investors have abig role in ensuring the economic recovery of a country but due tothe political instability of the country it has left this to be atall order for many potential investors. Many years later the economyof Ukraine has never remained stable. As at 2013, the per capita GDPof Ukraine remained to be 48 % which is very low (Plokhy 57)


Approximatelyeight decades later after the World War II Ukraine continues to feelthe effects. It will take special intervention for this to be sortedout well. In order to recover the economy, there is a need for ahealthy population to act as labor for the in the country. Theadvantage Russia has had over Ukraine is that it has attracted asizable influx of labor migrants to offset the shortage of employeeswhile Ukraine can only export workers mostly on the temporary basisand a few on permanent bases. If Ukraine can be able to correct itsdemographics, it will be able to recover from the effects of theWorld War II (Yekelchyk 22)


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