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Effects of Social Media on Healthcare Marketing


Effectsof Social Media on Healthcare Marketing

Effectsof Social Media on Healthcare Marketing

Followingthe rapid growth of the social media, there are many effects onvarious aspects of the human life.It has changed how peoplecommunicate with their fellows, how individualssocialize and even how much informed they are. Theeffect of this form media in the healthcare industryis also evident,and one cannot ignore anymore. Primarily, the growth of the socialmedia has also led to the improvement and rapid growth of the mobilephone industry which has also propelled the intense use of theinternet. The internet has made the presence of the social media tobe felt by almost each and everyone around the globe.

Takinga good example of Facebook, it’s a company that is only a decadeold and has close to 1.79 billion subscribers around the world.Critically, this has allowed more people to share information abouttheir healthcare and even meet various health specialistthroughout the world.Facebook has also developed its interface such that it supportsfunctions of a video call which is critical for global doctors tovideo call sick people and share more concerning patient’shealth. Like other businesses, healthcare organizations and providershave realized the potential Facebook has associalmedia to propel sustainability and profitability since the trends anddemands of healthcare practices are equally changing.

Theuse of Facebook has made the availability of information onhealthcare to be readily available, from Facebook pages, doctors’fun pages and forums that hold an open discussion. As a result, ithas enhanced improved quality and has reduced the cost ofconsultation to dramatically reduced forcing the legend healthcareinstitutions and consultancy firms to find competitive means ofadding value to their services so as to remain competitive.

As explained by Kotler,Shalowitz, &amp Stevens (2016), healthcare organizations and theprofessionals must employ strategic marketing skills which not onlysell their services but also allow them to remain unique in themarket. Having friends in your circle asa doctor is one of the strengths that Facebook provides to anindividual to conduct marketing. The one-on-one marketing strategy isamong the ways healthcare organizations through their fan pages cantry and reach their target customers(Allen, Kania, &amp Yaeckel, 2011).Besides, this is the most affordable way of providing a real timecommunication with the clients thus forming a better way of doing anonline research and learning from the customers. Facebook`s abilityto have a direct contact with your consumers is a strategy thatenables the healthcare providers to maximize the satisfaction oftarget customers thus enabling such institutions to maximize theirprofitability which is the main aim of marketing.

Socialmedia marketing, however, tends to limit the privacy of the patientdue to public posting and discussion of their problems publicly.Besides, doctors are usually hesitant in providing medical directiveson Facebook since they do not have critical information such as themedical history of the patients. In a way, this limits the purpose ofmarketing which is to maximize customer satisfaction as explained bySmith&amp Brogan, 2015.In addition to that, due to the lack of control on the individual`ssocial feeds, a competitor might rate you wrongly or paint a poorimage of you to the target customers, thus leading to the loss ofgrip on a particular market(Levy &amp Carter, 2012).Marketing is, however, selling the rightimage and when this isdone,customers are likely to shift to the competitor`s services thuspromoting unhealthy competition(Levy &amp Carter, 2012).

Facebookhas revolutionized healthcare marketingithas created the cheapest mean of reaching clients and has providedthebest ways to maximizingcustomers’ satisfaction. On the contrary, it has provided an avenuefor unhealthy competition within the healthcare system to grow.


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