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Emergence Of Nestle As an International Brand from Swiss Brand

EmergenceOf Nestle As an International Brand from Swiss Brand

NestleCompany is a Swiss multinational food and drinks corporationdomiciled in Vevey, Switzerland. The firm was formed in 1905 by themerger of Farine Lactee Henri Nestle and Anglo-Swiss Milk Corporationboth established in 1866. Nestle Company has a distinctive fact thatmakes it the largest food and drinks company globally measured byrevenues and customers. The company products comprise of breakfastcereals, baby food, confectionery, tea and coffee, bottled water, icecream, pet food, dairy products, frozen food, and snacks (Centric33). Nestle Company is on its way of becoming a global leader inhealth, wellness, and nutrition. The company operates numerousbranches that included Smarties, Vittel, and Nescafe among othersthat have annual sales of about US$1.1 Billion as at 2015 thatenhanced its overall production (Dunning35).The company was ranked position 72 on the Fortune Global in 2014 andposition 33 in the 2016 edition of the Forbes Global 2000 list of thelargest public firms. The thesis describes the factors that led toNestle Company emerging as an international brand.

AMulti-Cultural Business

Leadershipand management principles adopted in the company have seen it grow tobe one of the largest nutritional companies in the world (Dunning41).The leadership and management principles in the company are based ondiverse expertise’s that have led to its growth ever seen itsinception. Nestle company embraces social and cultural diversity andnever discriminates people by origin, religion, nationality, andgender race or even age. Additionally, the ability of Nestle Companyto distant itself from any political involvement has contributed toits success in the business environment. Nestle has its operations invarious parts of the world and operates on various culturaldiversities. The rich diversity has turned out to be a valuablesource of company’s leadership and has made it a global company,competing in the global business arena.


NestleCompany has been in the forefront in the adoption of digitaltechnology. The company has embraced its digital transformationthrough the use of internet often incorporated through socialnetworking. The company uses social media as its marketing platformthat assists them to increase its sales and customers control. NestleCompany uses its social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook,and Instagram to mobilize its potential customers to purchase itsproducts broadly. Most of the company brands are posted it itswebsite and some feature in its social network platforms (Centric).In reality, the company makes more than 1500 posts daily on thesocial media platforms. By venturing into social media, the companyhas grown to be one of the largest brands globally, because, throughsuch platforms, the company is a position to know and understand whatis trending and tailor products according to customers’ tastes,preference, and needs.

EmphasizingOf Customers Tastes and Preference

NestleCompany is solely dependent on the ability of customers to choosetheir products over those of the competitors (Dunning47).The company is entirely dedicated to customer needs and ensures thatconsumers’ needs are taken care of. The ability of the companytaking care of customers’ needs has seen it emerge and grow as aninternational brand. In consideration of the consumer as an importantaspect of production, it has enabled the company increase its globaloperations. Nestle has capitalized on this principle of marketingthat consumers in production are important since it enables thecompany grows. Nestle Company put more emphasis of the customers’tastes and preferences by providing high-quality products andservices.

Researchand Development

Researchand Development (R&ampD) is another aspect that has made Nestle growto be an international brand. Through Research and Development, thecompany has been in a position to apply nutritional science andexpertise in creating products that have significant nutritionalbenefits (Dunning51).Research has enabled the company make high-quality food and drinksthat improve user’s health and wellness. Through constant andcontinuous innovation and the creation of new products besides thecapability of renovating existing products, Nestle is in a positionto create and enhance new nutritional Nestle products. According toCentric,Nestle invests more than CHF 1.5 billion in Research and Developmentevery year. This has improved the overall company production in termsof sales and revenue.

Qualityand Food Safety

Nestleensures high quality in every bite and sip of the company’sproducts. The company states that it is its responsibility to ensurethat high quality and safe products are produced every day. To ensurethat quality and safety is achieved, the company monitors itsproduction process right from acquisition of raw materials throughproduction, packaging, and distribution to consumption (Centric). Theability of the company to produce safe and high-quality goods hasseen it grow to be one of the biggest brands globally.


Thecompany recognizes the profitability possibilities in diversecountries that keep its growth steady and shareholders happy. All thefactors articulated in the paper have enhanced the company productionthus making it recognized globally. Nutrition has been the coreobjective of the company that differentiated the company operationsmaking it one of the international brands.


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