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Encountering Sacred Writings


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EncounteringSacred Writing.

Howare Catholics and Christians to treat and relate to people ofdiffering Faiths?

Regardless,of one’s faith, all people hail from God. Catholics and Christiansshould thus treat people of all religions fairly. God created allhuman beings, both Christians and non-Christians, and it is God whowill come to judge them all. This fact means that Catholics andChristians should treat people of different faiths as children ofGod. They should not cast them away or isolate themselves from thenon-believers (Pope Paul VI np).

Muslimsalso have their own faith. Jesus in their religion is God’s prophetand not His son. Historically, there have been several disputesbetween Christians and Muslims (Pope Paul VI np). Despite thesefacts, Christians should treat them as brothers because they havecertain religious practices and beliefs that they share withChristian. They worship through prayer and give alms like Christians.Just like Christians, they also honor Mary as the mother of Jesus.The Muslims worship God through prayers, and almsgiving, thus theCatholics should treat them as their brothers and Sons of God (PopePaul VI np).

Theteachings of other religions may differ from what is in the Bible.Some these faiths preach certain truths and values similar to thosein Christianity making them relatable to Christians. Christianitydoes not reject the true and holy values in other religions which aresimilar to Christian values. Christians should thus treat those whopractice other faiths as brothers.

Godused non-believers such as the Gentiles to spread Christianity aroundthe world. It shows that He is the God of all people. Men should thuslive in harmony and peace. Christians and Catholics should treateveryone in a friendly way because they believe that God is thefather of all. No Christian teaching encourages hate and animositytowards other faiths. Christians should live in peace and love withmembers of different faiths. Doing so makes Christians sons of oneFather, who is in heaven (PopePaul VI np).


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