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Environmental Science Understanding the Earth

EnvironmentalScience: Understanding the Earth

The documentary predicts the future and reveals that by 2050, theearth will have nearly 9 billion people and 2 billion vehicles. Inthe process, the demand for fuel will increase, and the governmentwill have to adapt and create other ways to generate enough fuel forits citizens in the megacities. More specifically, this essay willreveal how the documentary evaluates various fuel alternatives thatwill help in meeting the increased demand.

First, it suggests ethanol as another alternative that works justlike petroleum does. In this case, the Brazilian government usesethanol in powering their vehicles and they have even managed theamount of harmful emissions. It also reveals how scientists havefused yeast and glucose to create a hydrocarbon that works just likediesel fuel. Others have even focused on initiating large scaleartificial photosynthesis as a way to generate more energy that willbe used by the vehicles (Lilibet Foster &amp Thomas Goetz, 2015).All in all, the researchers understand that they have to initiate aproper way to counter the large number of vehicles and finding enoughfuel alternatives that will also have less carbon emission. Besidesthat, the automobile companies have even focused on digital mappingdevices that are incorporated into the car systems to make sure thatthey assess the traffic and use the route that will consume lessfuel.

In conclusion, the documentary suggests the fuel alternatives thatwill help in dealing with the huge number of vehicles the earth willhave in 2050. In this case, it presents multiple ways to generatecleaner and cheaper fuels such as the ethanol that is currently beingused in Brazil. It also reveals how the motor vehicle organizationshave introduced the robotic driving techniques and the digitalmapping that determines the routes that have less traffic and is moreefficient instead.


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