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Ethical and Legal Issues on Healthcare Access for all in the US Summary


Ethicaland Legal Issues on Healthcare Access for all in the US

Thesearch to foster healthcare access for all among populations in theUS has been a subject of reforms that many, from the ethicalperspective, have considered as being controversial. One of the mostsignificant reforms of recent time in the US healthcare scene was theAffordable Care Act of 2010. The Act was to be rolled out throughoutthe better part of the Obama Administration (U.S Department of Healthand Human Services, n.d). The provisions of the Act are intended forexpanding health care coverage, reduce the costs of acquiring access,and at the same time, prevent the occurrence of disease, especiallyin the vulnerable populations. It is apparent that the ethicaladvantages of the ACA manifest, in the quest for access to care.Other ethical benefits of the access to care for all take note of thefact that expansion of coverage exists where the insured andunderinsured alike, can acquire health care services. Additionally,lives end up being saved especially of those that are underprivilegedin the society.

Despitethe pros that have been noted in the access to care for all, some ofthe healthcare reforms have been considered to be the root of certainethical ‘flaws` that makes the access to care for all appear to berather uncertain. Some of the ethical concerns include the fact thatpoor quality of care is administered mainly to the underprivilegedand marginalized populations. The aftermath of poor care is thatdeteriorating health outcomes become prevalent among the marginalizedpopulations. Other ethical concerns that add to the poor quality ofcare are the overstretched healthcare resources that tend to befragile and which result to an increment in the wait time before anindividual can acquires health services (Anderson, 2014). The meaningof this is that no guaranteed access to care for the US populationsexists rather, promotion of care to the privileged in the societybecomes evident. These occurrences taint the intention that wasintended by the health reformers.

However,all is not lost in the access to care for all in the US.Modifications to the healthcare reforms ought to be done to eliminatethe ethical concerns that mar equal access to care among the UScitizens.


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