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Ethical Theories



Eachand every action carried out in the world today goes on because ofthe types of individual’s ethics and morality. That is becauseethics involves principles on which a person’s judgment on what isright or wrong bases on while ethics involve principles of goodconduct. The two, therefore, are a means that shape an individual’scharacter and therefore making them unique. Even though the moralsand ethical issues are unique, there is a pattern that comes out andgroups individuals either on those doing right or those involved inwrong decision making (Durkheim2013).

Thereason why we study ethics is that it assists people in livingauthentic life’s since they exercise a sense of integrity. It helpsin making goals and sticking out to them through thick and thin nomatter the type of pressure imposed. People also leave in a stablesociety because of exercising different ethical norms (Noddings,2013).

Thereare different other types of ethics. These types include:

Normativeethics- this type involves questions that come up when consideringhow other people needs to present themselves, act or speak morally.An example is from a press conference interview since the questionsare often random.

Virtueethics- it is a type of ethical function looking at an individual’smorals. An example would include the head of an organization`s way ofhandling issues.

Deontologicalethics – this is a branch of ethics involving one’s ability tofollow the rules regardless of what they think is right. An examplewill include working in the army and executing missions.

Utilitarianethics – this is a type of ethics that the consequences of choicesmade determine whether one is right or wrong. An example will includediscipline in the investment market.

Macroethics – it is a large scale concept of ethics such asorganizational stance on ethics.

Throughindividuals ability to follow these types of ethics bring about themorality in the world today.


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