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Ethics and Information Security Business Operations

Ethicsand Information Security: Business Operations

Ethicsand Information Security: Business Operations

Inthe current organization systems, most businesses highly rely oninformation technology for survival as the communication security isbecoming the most serious issue facing the modern companies.Therefore, advanced awareness of the critical matters underlying theinformation security can improve organization’s position tocomprehend and solve the security challenges(Crossler etal.,2013).Additionally, ethical issues affecting specific companies could bedetrimental to their projected success goals. The paper gives aninsight into the ethical and information security issues that affectthe normal operations of organizations.

Ethicaland Information Security Issues

Accordingto Crossler(2013),tackling ethical and information security issues need wisdom due tothe potential consequences the companies might encounter if thechallenges are not handled appropriately. Some of the common ethicaland information security issues include, firstly, technology. Thecurrent improvement in the field of Information Technology has led toethical dilemmas in various companies (Stairetal.,2013).Therefore,top management has to consider both the privacy and the freedom ofworkers. Similarly, Jackson(2016) insisted themanagers have to ensure regular maintenance of the company’stechnology mainly for the business purposes. Some businesscorporations even review all the web actions and email communicationfrom the computers of staff as well as their work accounts. Despitethe fact that the company may have that right, it should considerprivacy besides independence among its workers (Crossleretal.,2013).

Secondly,health and safety are significant areas of ethical issues, andorganizations should balance their operations with the health andsecurity interests of its employees as some organizations engagedangerous equipment in their operations. Thirdly, due to theexistence of accounting scandals, prominent organizations have optedto operate openly and transparentlyin such areas asthe communication of messages that need clarification, writingreports on financial accounting (Stairetal.,2013).Lastly, organizations are required to provide its employees with fairworking conditions within the organization environment. For instance,staffs should be entitled to fair pay and benefits (Jackson2016).

E-Businessand Information Security

Itis crucial to protect an online business against hackers who couldobtain a company’s valuable information, bringing its operation toa standstill. Some of the strategies include constant changing ofdefault passwords and accounts names in a particular environmentwhere the installation of the computer system was manufactured.Secondly, through the upgrading of the computer operating systems.Thus, the system will have the latest safeguard, preventing hackerswho typically prefer systems without latest securities (Crossleretal.,2013).Thirdly, e-commerce enterprises should embrace the use of encryptedsoftware, as this will enhance the protection of customers’ vitalinformation from external access during transactions. Lastly, thereshould be the use of certain software systems that monitor theoutgoing information to make sure certain information do not leakout, therefore, limiting the access of sensitive information (Jackson2016).

Ethicsand Information Security, Coca-Cola Company

Accordingto Stair(2013),the coca cola company has a strong work transparency ethics. Itsstrong finance department ensures sound financial condition, smoothauditing, and proper use of financial assets. Secondly, the companyembraces the use of information technology thus, the majority ofproduction plants are automated. Similarly, it makes use oftechnology e.g. websites and links for different intention, forinstance, governance, and communication (Stairetal.,2013.However, for a better use of computer security, it is recommendedthat the company should collect personal information of certainclients via their website through developed legal and propercompliant policies. Similarly, the company should embrace the use ofcookies to notice any time one tries to access valuable information.Additionally, the venture should go public by posting their policy ontheir website and links (Crossleretal.,2013).


Insummary, hackers cost the most security concern in the field ofinformation technology. Therefore, a proper security solution shouldbe designed by companies to protect their vital business information.Similarly, the organizations must clearly comprehend securityrequirements based on the type of business they run, and the natureof the threats they pose to data. Finally, as the technology policiesare implemented, the businesses must ensure that the ethical concernsof their employees are considered.


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