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Evaluation of the Movie SIGNS by M. Night Shyamalan

Evaluationof the Movie SIGNSby M. Night Shyamalan

Themovie revolves around Graham Hess, a former Episcopal reverend wholost his faith in God after the death of his wife. Six months afterhe left the church, he discovers a strange crop circle in his farm.Coincidentally, the same events are happening all over the world. Mr.Hess’s children assume that the occurrences are related to aliensbut his brother thinks it is pranksters and Graham does not know whatto suppose. The paper seeks to evaluate the movie’s storytelling,performance, direction, costume, setting, writing, lighting, andmusic.

Thestorytelling is excellent and void of profanities while lighting inthe movie is great. Signs,is a well-told sci-fi thriller, while it is entertaining it alsogives an exploration of the question of faith and whether life is allabout luck or there is a presence of a superior creature givingexistence its structure(&quotSigns&quot).The fact that the story is told from a family point of view makes itlook realistic and the buildup of tension makes it an interestingwatch. Shyamalan utilizes light and darkness effectively, as well ascamera movements. When the family walks from the house to the farm,the camera follows them from the neighboring yard giving the illusionthat other creatures are watching.

Themain actor Mel Gibson, who plays as reverend Graham delivers a greatperformance while the setting of the movie is appropriate from thestoryline. Mel Gibson gives a satisfactory dramatic performance as apreacher who has lost faith in God this is clear in the scene wherehis son has an asthmatic attack and he helps him overcome the fear(&quotSigns&quot).The movie is set in rural-America, which is appropriate for thescience fiction family theme dominant in the film (&quotSigns&quot).The scene where strange circles occur in the farm could not bepossible in any other settings.

Theskilled direction in the movie evokes emotions in the viewers, whichis the main purpose of the film the costumes are minimal butsuitable for the theme. The fact that the movie writer is thedirector makes sure that the script is executed effectively. Notably,this is evident in the part where all the scenes are characterized bysmall details such as half drank glasses of water left all over thehouse (&quotSigns&quot).The costumes in the movie include sweatshirts and jerseys that MelGibson wore they are minimal, which is understandable since thewhole movie writer considers ‘less is more.’

Despitethe good cinematography, the writing of the movie is below average.In essence, this is evident in the scenes where the audience isintroduced to aliens who travel from far away galaxies and seemstrong but find it difficult to break wooden doors. The other poorlywritten part is the fact that aliens can be killed by water thisleaves the viewer asking why then would they choose to invade earth,which is the wettest planet(&quotSigns&quot).Themusic in the film creates a perfect backdrop for a movie thatutilizes silence in most scenes. The soundtrack of the movie helpsenhance the audience’s reactions. The tension-building sounds arecommon with thrillers but the arrangement of the music in this moviebrings new life to the already common sounds.

Insummation, the movie’s storytelling is good since Shyamalan thewriter is known for his skills on the matter. The movie uses lightingand darkness effectively while the main actor Mel Gibson deliversgreat performance with sentimentalism in scenes where he talks to hischildren. The direction of the film is great since the writer is alsothe director. The costumes in the movie are minimal, which makessense since the writer believes that ‘less is more.’ The music inthe play helps enhance the audiences’ reaction. The action is setin rural-America, which is appropriate for the theme. However, thewriting of the film is below average with many unexplainablehappenings.


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YouTubeLink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vhSoB-yaAQ