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EXAM 3 Impact Analysis

EXAM3: Impact Analysis

EXAM3: Impact Analysis

Impactto requirements – baseline and other requirements

Theoriginal requirements of Honolulu Rail Project meant that thecompetition point would be UH Manoa. The decision by businesssponsors to change the rail end to be Honolulu Airport, which isabout six miles away, is a drift from the baseline requirements. Thismega drift from the baseline requirements implies that there manyimplications on such a change. First, there is change of feasibilitywhere the project extension is more feasible since business peoplecan easily access the airport. However, there are other negativeimplications on the costs involved. The original budget is hiked tocater for the six-mile extension. Again, the baseline schedule agreedupon is also altered and more time will be consumed to bring theproject to completion. Lastly, there is also a risk involved in sucha change. The ideal business sense is that the extension of the railproject would result into improved business but unfortunately, theexpected outcome may not come by after the completion. There are alsodangers possible risks of rework and overrun (BritishStandards Institution, 2012).

Impacton BA work

TheBusiness Analyst’s job will be affected by such advance changes ofthe baseline requirements of the project. The business analyst isnewly tasked with the job of validation of the change against theproject scope baselined. The BA is also responsible for formallyapproving or rejecting the proposed changes to the project (BritishStandards Institution, 2012).

Impacton the PM work

Thework of the PM will also be affected by such changes. If the changeshave been approved implying an adjustment of the original projectrequirements, then the PM is responsible of proper implementation(BritishStandards Institution, 2012).The new changes must be incorporated and deliver the desired projectdeliverable of getting the rail to Honolulu Airport.

Recommendinga solution based on your analysis

Itis the responsibility of the BA and PM to ensure that the projectrequirements and scope are coordinated. The solution to this problemis before a project t is started, all the stakeholders should agreeupon the scope and a framework to baseline and control established.Again, in the event such requirements change in the course of theproject life, the proposals must go through the configuration controlprocess to validate the impact on feasibility and either reject orapprove such proposed changes (BritishStandards Institution, 2012).


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