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Factors that Lead to Underage Substance Abuse

Factorsthat Lead to Underage Substance Abuse

Factorsthat Lead to Underage Substance Abuse


Theprocedure for the intervention program will be a long one. At thevery beginning of the program, proper identification and selection ofthe children should be done. Once all the participants areidentified, they will have to be assigned to the program. However,before the placement of children into the respective programs, athorough assessment should be carried out (Pearson&amp Lipton, 2013).This should be followed by the intervention process that should bedone in line with the specified standards. The children will beattended to at the nearby healthcare facility in which there arewell-trained experts.


Theproject will opt for an intervention program. This is the mostsuitable program because it will seek to address the cases ofsubstance usage among the addicts. Therefore, it is better if anappropriate intervention is sought to help in the management of themenace. The choice of an intervention program can benefit thejuveniles who have been involved in the use and abuse of drugs suchas alcohol (Pearson&amp Lipton, 2013).However, to yield the expected results, the intervention programshould be properly conducted and based on well-grounded theories. Atthe same time, it should be delivered by professionals for example,social workers, counselors, healthcare providers, and law enforcementstaff.


Theprogram will involve the use of two measures: interviews andquestionnaires. Interviews will be conducted to provide anopportunity for asking relevant questions to assess the participants’experiences with drug use, abuse and addiction. These are theimportant variables that can be best measured using the interviews(Pearson&amp Lipton, 2013).Meanwhile, questionnaires will be designed with a combination ofshort and long questions to evaluate variables like the number oftimes of drug use and the types of drugs used by the juveniles. Eachof the responses will be scored using a well-designed scoring systemconsisting of a rating scale. The excellent, good, fair and poorscale will help in determining the extent to which each of thevariables contributes to underage substance abuse.


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