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Failure is a Good Thing


Failureis a Good Thing

Failureis a Good Thing

Carrollsays in his essay “Success is boring…failure is how we learn”(Allison &amp Gediman, 2007).This statement confirms that failure makes us to learn. This paperdescribes a time when I learned from a failure, and the experience Igained from the failure and the significance of this experience indealing with similar situations in the future.

Descriptionof the Failure

WhenI was 15 years old, I decided to find a job to help me meet myprimary demands. I knew that there was plenty of opportunities onjob-boards. I searched the Monster website for a job and I wasdirected by a small link to the company’s stock quote. Initially, Ifelt reluctance. I thought that the Monster was out to make moneyfrom job seekers like me. However, after critically analyzing theirincome statements, I realized that my assumption was wrong. Thestatements confirmed that the company was legitimately earningmillions of dollars from its online business. This greatly inspiredme to start an online company. I named my job board Advice Monkey.My key motivation for creating the new job board was to make 1percent of Monster’s revenue. I thought this generate a continuousflow of income. Sadly, I have never made any money from Advice Money.Within three years, I was forced to close it down.

WhatI learned from a failure

Thiswas the lowest point in my life. However, I came out of this failurestronger. It turned out to be the most thought-provoking experience.I could not agree anymore with Carroll that failure is a good thing.It revealed where I went wrong and I learned from it. In particular,I learned that any new business should be unique and help solve aproblem that has not been solved by other businesses. I learned thatit is inappropriate for me to get too comfortable.

Howthe experience helped me to understand how to approach a similarsituation in the future

Thisexperience helped me to understand that I need to create a marketingplan before starting up any business. I appreciated Carroll’s pointof view that we can learn a lot from our failures rather thansuccess. Carroll cited in Allisonand Gediman (2007)indicates that success is boring and that “failure is how peoplelearn”. The failing of my business also confirmed his assertionthat “first-time success is always a fluke” and that by contrast,“first-time failure is expected as a natural order of things”(Allison &amp Gediman, 2007).


Myexperience confirmed that we learn from our failure. The failurerevealed where I went wrong and I learned from it. I learned that anynew business should be unique and help solve a problem not yet solvedby other businesses. I also learned that is inappropriate for me toget too comfortable.


Allison,J., &amp Gediman, D. (2007). ThisI Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women.New York, NY: Holt Paperbacks