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Family systems therapy


Familysystems therapy

Familysystems therapy

Familysystems therapy offers a new perspective to therapy irrespective topsychodynamic, human and behavioral approaches that previouslydominated the field of psychotherapy and counselling. This approachis revolutionary since only a few therapist employed it in their workand I think it is more beneficial to both this field of study and tothe patient as well. Family system therapy lets the therapist betterunderstand the patient since it includes his or her socialenvironment in relation to upbringing, family standards and goals andhow they interact with one another, something that was not consideredbefore in therapy. This new perspective is different from thetraditional one in the sense that it views a family as one unit thatinvolves all members in the family and society for it to functionrather than focusing only on an individual internal dynamics fortherapy. Even though the method is advantageous, bringing up anentire family into therapy may be challenging and may not bereceptive to all patients who want to undergo therapy. As GeraldCoreysuggests in the book that therapist from the western civilization mayhave a greater challenge in the implementation of the approachbecause western culture influence. But this challenge can be facedwith proper awareness of the results it can achieve so I willconsider using this approach in the future.

Theconcept of multigenerational family therapy is the one that appealmost to me, this concept was developed and innovated by Murray Bowen(1978) and his associates. The main idea put forward by Bowen is thatone cannot fully understand the problems being faced in a patient’sfamily before understanding the underlying problems of the family’sorigin. He suggests that to solve ones current problem we have tofirst challenge the previous problems and understand the relationshippatterns in the family. An example is that when an emotional problemin a family is not solved in a family the individual will not havethe maturity and uniqueness in personality, so a change in one’sfamily should occur and that will not happen if you only deal withindividual therapy. To achieve this Bowens theory introduces anotion of differentiation of self. This notion involves theindependence of one individual from the others in a family,psychological separation and emotional. This will enable one know whothey really are, their weaknesses and strengths in the family andtherefore improve family relationships were previously did not exist.This is very useful for an individual to confront his or her fearsdirectly and help them be better persons in the family and societyaltogether and it includes everyone in the family at an individuallevel.

Kleinfamily needs a family systems therapy, even though the court orderedfor an individual therapy session in the case of their son Gary ithas been established through the interview that his behavior is aproduct of his family dysfunctional. I have identified two majorthemes in this interview one is control. The father has no control ofhis family while the wife does not really care of what is going on inthe family. Another theme that I saw was relationship of the familyboth at the past and at the present. The alignment of the family isalso out of control since the interview reveals that the mother is analcoholic, the son deals and uses drugs and a father who is alwaystravelling and a younger daughter who is pampered. In the present,still the wife refuses to go to therapy as a family and this showsthat the incident with their son did not change her relationship toher family.


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