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Iwas raised in a simple family just like any ordinary child around theglobe. Our family comprises of my father and mother, two sisters, whoare older than me, and my younger brother. However, my life took anew shape when I was ten years old. The main problem within thisperiod was taking care of our needs, as brothers and sisters. Thehouse chores and other daily practices were too burdensome for us tohandle as children. During this period, the basic family needs werenot readily met.

Thesechallenges just began when my mother was diagnosed with breastcancer. It forced my father to leave his work. He was off work fortwo months just to take care of my ailing mother and drive her to thehospital daily. The tragedy was so intense to the extent that we wereafraid of losing our mother. The whole family was terrified. It alsocompelled my grandmother to come to live with us. She wanted to takecare of my siblings and me. However, the fact that she was too oldcould not allow her to take good care of us fully. Therefore, mysiblings and I made a mutual decision that we were going to shareamong ourselves the household chores and divide the responsibilitiesbetween us as well. It was through this approach that we were able toeffectively take up the duties such as cleaning the house, cooking,washing the dishes and taking personal studies on our own. The majorstep that I took during this period was taking the responsibility ofbeing an independent individual at that tender age. Though themission was not easy at all, sharing the effort with my siblings madeit easier. Besides, I realized that cooperation is an essentialconcept that can help individuals to sail through harshcircumstances.

Onemajor quality that I learned during the difficult moments was theaspect of self-reliance. I realized the practical value that it holdsnot only within an individual but also in the external world. Igained confidence in my capabilities and became more efficient thanmy peers who had superior abilities but were timid. I could performgreater errands. Self-reliance became my primary foundation ofstrength and energy. I was always in high spirits. Besides, I gainedthe courage, never felt intimidated when faced with challengingexperiences and was ever ready to take up any duty that was assignedto me. Personally, I realized that I had all that was needed toovercome harsh conditions. I have the ability to think big, to setreal goals, and I have the brain power and do not leave any stoneunturned. Furthermore, I realized that I could sign private contractsand remain committed to its terms until I accomplish my goals. I alsorealized that the world is full of challenges, but it is how weovercome them that define our personality. This experience moldedrather than demotivating me.

Aftermy mother’s recovery, which was after two years, I learned thattaking responsibilities can only be fun when it involves more people. This mentality made me move away from my family in the last year ofhigh school. Currently, I am living with my friends who are in thesame grade as mine and responsibilities are shared amongst us. Ibelieve that teamwork, cooperation, and self-reliance will act as thespringboard towards my future endeavors. I am happy with thedirection that my life has taken.