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Final Grant Proposal Packet


FinalGrant Proposal Packet


ProjectDo Something Youth Summit

ProjectNumber: [Insert]

DocumentOwner: [InsertName]

W.K.Kellong Foundation

1Michigan Avenue

EastBattle Creek, MI 49017p (269) 968-1611


DearMr. Keller

RE:Do Something Youth Summit Grant Proposal

Iwant to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire W.K.Kellong Foundation team for the excellent work you are doing to fundimportant causes around the country. I also want to take thisopportunity to request for a $ 16, 000 grant funding.

Themoney will be used to launch Youth Summit project. The projectinvolves inviting and hosting youth around the country for 7 days.During this period, we will hold conferences that will teach theyouth important life skills. Our goal is to inspire the younggeneration to be active members of the community. We also endeavor tobuild their leadership skills.

The$ 16,000 grant money will be used to hire venues for the summit, paystaff and inspirational speakers, provide transport to staff andparticipating youths, and engage in promotion and advertisingservices. We plan to offer the summit completely free to ensure noyouth is unable to attend it.


[YourName and Title in Do Something]


DoSomething org wishes to request $ 16,000 to support a criticalproject that is planning to launch in December 2016. To be precise,the cash will be used to launch and host a seven-day youth summit.The summit will be completely free enabling as many youths aspossible to participate. During these seven days, Do Somethingintends to also provide accommodation and food for the participatingyouth.

DoSomething intends to use the money to hire a venue, provideaccommodation and food, pay inspirational as well as staff allowance,and promote the event through advertisement and publication. The goalof the project is to inspire, teach, as well as provide a platformfor youths to use the network and promote their personal programs. DoSomething org is committed to ensuring that youth acquire importantlife skill after the event.

Thesuccess of the outcome will be determined by the change in attitude,some new youth signing up to become a member of Do Something org, aswell as the new empowerment program suggested by the youth. The youthsummit is in line with Do Something org mission, which is to inspireand motivate young persons to be productive members of theircommunities. Already the organization has engaged in numerousprojects. Youth Summit is an additional project meant to increase theimpact the organization has on the youthful generation.

Throughthe youth summit, Do Something will be able to recruit new youth andlaunch new programs. It has other grant money meant to serve itexpanding operations. Therefore, the requested grant will be usedonly for this youth summit. Any surplus will be reserve for futureyouth summits.

Letterof Transmittal

ProjectDo Something Youth Summit

ProjectNumber: [Insert]

DocumentOwner: [InsertName]

W.K.Kellong Foundation

1Michigan Avenue

EastBattle Creek, MI 49017p (269) 968-1611


DearMr. Keller

RE:Do Something Youth Summit Grant Proposal

Iat this moment submit Grant proposal to request grant fundingamounting to $ 16,000. The money will be used to fund a seven daysyouth summit. In the proposal, you will find information about DoSomething org, a description of the proposed project, needsstatement, solutions for the problem to be addressed by the project,our budget, and timeline, and how we are going to measure oursuccess.

Asummary of the project is captured in the two-page executive summary.Every essential detail including Do Something background, as well asaccurate information about the Youth Summit project, is highlightedin the summary. The body of the report begins by providing generalinformation about Do Something. A need statement that highlights theproblem the organization intends to tackle follows this information.The need statement also offers solutions to the problems currentlyfacing the youth. The following pages provide a detail description ofthe project, including the time line and budget


[YourName and Title in Do Something]


Theyoung generation faces significant challenges ranging from peerpressure, drug abuse, teenage sex, self-esteems, among other.Therefore, there is a great need for equipping them with essentiallife skills. Do Something has particularly established that majorityof youth between 15 and 25 years lack proper guidance and skillsneeded to overcome societal problems. Idleness or rather too muchfree time exposes these groups of youth to the negative vices presentin their communities. As a result, the organization opted to developa program that engages youth, protecting them from negative vices aswell as equipping them with an essential life skill. All activitiesadopted by Do Something org are fun and hence attractive to thisgroup of youth. They do not only benefit youths who have joined theorganization, but also other non-member youths and the generalsociety.

Tomaximize the impact of their programs, as well as attract more youthto join the movement, Do Something plans to roll out a youth summitprogram. The summit will be held after every three months. Thesummits will aim to equip the youth with a new skill, provide aplatform for networking and launch new programs, as well as inspirethem. Highly regarded motivational skill will be hired to talk to theyouth about topics deemed appropriate.

Therequested Grant will be used to facilitate the first summit that willbe held in December. The impact of the summit will be documented. Incase there is a need for additional funding for other upcomingsummit, the documents will be used to provide proof of the positiveimpact brought about by the summit. The summit is expected to becostly because it will be offered free of charge to the youth. DoSomething wants to make sure that there is no obstacle that mayprevent the youth from participating in the conference. That isprecisely why the summit will be offered free.

Eventhough the summit is free, Do Something will have to incur relativelyhigh costs to run it. Some of the most notable costs include Hiringof venues as well as accommodation and food for the participatingyouth, transportation costs, staff and speaker allowances,advertisement, media, and publication. The grant money will be brokendown to cater for each of these expenses. The most important expense,the expense that is essential for ensuring the success of the summitwill be given the highest allocation. Non-essential will be cut downand any opportunity to save utilized.

Theoutcome of the conference will nonetheless justify any costsincurred. Do Something will analyze the future program suggested bythe youth, the testimonies offered by the youth, new sign-ups, theinteraction before and after the summit, to determine the impact. The23-year experience Do Something has with dealing with the youth willenable it to make accurate conclusions about the impact of thesummit.

Newsignups will be encouraged to join the currently existing programsthat center around health and fitness, bullying and violence, animalwelfare, among others. There are important programs that have beenlaunched in the past. Some of these programs include &quotBandtogether, The Craziest Thing I Did to Save Money, Teens for Jeans,Note from Shawn, Comeback Clothes&quot (Do Something, 2016). Theprograms produced unmatched benefits to the participating youth.Therefore, new recruits will be advised to join such programs.


DoSomething, popularly known as DoSomething.org, is a non-profitorganization (NGO) on a mission to inspire and motivate youngindividual to engage in volunteerism and activism that brings aboutsocial change. Do Something enables young people to team up and runnational and international campaigns. These campaigns affectpositively not only the lives of youths participating in them butalso other socially disadvantage people around the world. Forinstance, teenager operated Do Something campaigns are responsiblefor clothing more than 50% of homeless American teens. The Dosomething teens have also cleaned up about 3.7 million cigarettesfilters in different parts of the world (Do Something, 2016).

Twochildhood friends, Michael Sanchez and Andrew Shue, founded thisorganization in 1993. Andrew Shue wanted to inspire, train, andempower young people to be leaders and active members of the society.However, he understood that most young people would not be attractedby ordinary, boring stuff. His career as an actor had also taught himthat to influence people one has to approach them in an interestingand fun way. He, therefore, endeavored to make Do Something a funplace. Both the youth and the company`s employees enjoy themselveswhen engaging in Do Something activities (Do Something, 2016).

Existingevidence proves that his approach has so far worked. A company thatstruggles when it started, and after 10 years had only six employees,and not more than 100,000 members have now grown to become a globalinstitution. It currently has over five million members (youngpeople) and operates in American and over 131 other countries. It isrepresented in every code area within the United States of America(Do Something, 2016).


Drugabuse, unproductiveness, teenage sex, pregnancy, violence, and crime,are just some of the problems facing young people. Do Something wastherefore established to address this problem. The organizationadopts a unique approach to solving youth challenges. Precisely, itendeavors to work with youth to solve these problems. By providingthe youth with essential life skills, the participating youth willnot only be able to achieve their goals but also will help otheryouth overcome the challenges that they face in their personal lives.

“Bandtogether, The Craziest Thing I Did to Save Money, Teens for Jeans,Note from Shawn, Comeback Clothes” (Do Something, 2016) are some ofthe most important campaigns Do Something teens have engaged in.These campaigns trained youth to save money, assist other youth,build self-esteem and maintain a positive attitude. During thesecampaigns, the youth were inspired and kept engage and thus they wereneither interested nor had time to engage in the risky andproblematic behavior.

Tocontinue doing the great work, Do Something needs additional funding.The organization, therefore, is requesting for a total of $ 16,000grant funding. The funds will be used for holding youth summit.Precisely, the money will be used to hire a venue, inspirationalspeakers, pay staff, transportation and promoting the project in bothonline and offline media.

Afterparticipating in the summit, it is expected that youth acquire newattitude and skills. They can, therefore, go ahead and make apositive contribution. It also expected that non-members youth wouldjoin Do Something, thus starting their journey of becoming successfulmembers of the society.


Thegoal of the youth summit is to provide a forum for young people tomeet, network, discuss their achievements, as well as learn from eachand a carefully selected group of instructors. The conference will beopened to both the youth currently participating in DoSomething.organd those who are not. DoSomething.org strongly believes that everyyoung person has something great to share. Even those youth that iscurrently not part of DoSomething.org can have a positive impact ontheir communities as well as fellow youth (Do Something, 2016). Also,participating in these forums will make the youth aware of theopportunities existing in the organization. They will, therefore, beencouraged to join their fellow youth in DoSomething.org andparticipate effectively in positively influencing their communities.

Theyouth will not be charged anything to participate in this one-weekevent. Instead, they will be provided with food and accommodation.The organization wants to make sure that every interested youth canparticipate without facing any barriers, be it terms of finances orlack of accommodation. Nonetheless, the summit will consumesubstantial resources thus, necessitating the grant money.

Tomake sure that the grant money is used effectively, thus resulting inthe desired outcome, Do Something will use a tested and provenprogram outcome model. The model takes four things namely, Inputs,Activities, Outputs, and Outcomes, into consideration. The inputsinclude the Grant money, Hired inspiration speaker, Staff,Volunteers, Venues, Equipment, Food and Beverages, and time used.Activities include training the young people, networking, discussingyouth empowerment program, and the signing up of new youth to joinDoSomething.org. Output include the number of new youth that joinsDoSomething, confession about the impact of the summit on the youth,and the number of viable new youth empowerment program expected to belaunch in the coming months. Lastly, the outcome refers to thebenefit the youth will have gained by the end of the summit. Thiswould include new skills, knowledge, and attitude.

ProjectBudget/Time Line

Theproject outcome model is going to be used to develop the projecttimeline. Planning for the project has already begun and, thus,elements of the project outcome model are currently being addressed.Below is a timeline of the project.

  • Inputs

    • September-to-December 2016

      • During this period, the staff members will source essential resources. Duties have already been allocated to different staff members. The finance teams are in charge of sourcing finances, marketing and PR teams are in charge of publicizing the event and registering interested youths. The coordinating team is in charge of securing venues, facilities, and any other essential supplies.

  • Activities

    • December 14th-to December 22nd

      • The summit official begins on this day. Youth will be expected to check in at three in the afternoon. They will be registered and given time to rest in preparation for the next day event.

      • The summit will officially begin on 15th December, trainers and facilitators will be present throughout the week to guide the process

  • Output

    • December 18th to December 19

      • The staff will observe and record a testimonial of the participating youth, project discussed, empowerment program discussed, new youth signing up to be part of DoSomething.org, and how the youth relate to each other and the adults present.

  • Outcome

    • December 20th to December 22

      • Focus during this time will be evaluating the impact of the youth summit. The outcome will be analyzed to determine if the summit has achieved its goals. Positive testimonies, a high number of suggested youth empowerment programs, new signups, and observable interaction among the youths themselves as well as with adult will serve as an indication that the project has achieved its goals. Measures on follow-up, as well as establishing a date for the next conference will be set before officially closing the summit.


Theproject will require relatively substantial resources. Therefore, DoSomething wishes to request for a grant amounting $16000. The tablebelow shows how the organization intends to utilize the grantproceeds:

YouthSummit Summarized Budget



  1. Hiring of Venues


  1. Transportation


  1. Staff and Speaker allowance


  1. Publications


  1. Media


  1. Advertisement





DoSomething.org is a non-profit cooperation focused on creating apositive impact on the youth. The organization facilitates variousprograms that are geared towards making the youths to be activemembers of the society. In line with its mission, Do Somethingintends to hold a youth summit program that inspires and teach youthimportant life skills. Experience and the reputable public speakerwill be invited to talk to youth during this 7-day event.

Doctors,sports personalities, and business leaders have had mentors in theirlives. We expect that the youth empowerment conferences will providethe youth with mentor-ship and guide them on how to lead healthy andsuccessful lives. This program will produce competent and respectfulprofessionals that will change the society. They will not only changethemselves but also influence their friends and families who may notbe able to attend the empowerment conference. Participants mayreplicate this model of training and organize other conferences toextend their knowledge to their peers.

Theorganization is requesting Grant support because it plans to hold theconference without charging anything. This will guarantee that everyinterested youth can participate in the program and benefit as muchas possible. The Grant money will be allocated to essential expensessuch as the hiring of venues, hiring of renowned public speakers,providing food, and accommodation, and promoting the event usingvarious approaches. Carefully selected metrics will be set to measurethe success of the event. More summits will be arranged in futureafter it has been proven that this summit was successful.


Do Something. (2012). AGlobal Movement for Good. Retrived fromhttps://www.dosomething.org/us/about/who-we-are