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Finance Recommendation Letters


Finance:Recommendation Letters

Finance:Recommendation Letters

Recommendationletter 1

Itis my great pleasure to write this recommendation letter for MingzheCong in support of his application to your esteemed university. Ihave known him for about two years. During that time, I witnessed histremendous growth and development.

Mr.Cong showed himself to be an eager leaner, conscientious andconfident person. He did not hesitate to present his viewpoints tothe current China finance market during discussions. He is and eagerto learn the constantlychanging of investors’ demand. Cong is interested in bringingwestern advanced financial concepts into China finance market andsatisfy investors’ needs that have not been met by currentfinancial products.

Mr.Cong impressed me of his clear focus, determined will and wellplanned career path. He has a very specific interest in therapidly&nbsprising and challenging quantitative finance field. Hispassion is not only being an expert on quantitative finance, but alsoa financial practitioner with solid knowledge of modern financetheories. Even though his background is engineering, he did not letknowledge barrier stop him. He self-learned quantitative financeusing his leisure&nbsptime and put it into practice to get hands-onexperience.

Iam glad to know that Mr. Cong is going to pursuit a quantitativefinance degree in your university. I have no doubt that his strongpassion, math, and programming background have prepared him to studyquantitative finance in graduate school. And further study willremove any barrier in his future success career. I strongly recommendhim for admission to your institution without reservations.

Recommendationletter 2

Iam writing this recommendation letter at the request of Mingzhe Cong,who is applying for a Master’s Degree program in your university. Ihave known Mingzhe for two years as his mentor. I have had anopportunity to observe&nbsphis&nbspcapability and personality aswell as to evaluate&nbsphis&nbspknowledge of the subject matter.

Mingzhehas proven to be a person with independent opinions, criticalthinking and strong&nbspexecution. Even though he has access toinformation from a variety of sources such as newspapers, magazines,the Internet, practitioners’ viewpoints and so on, his perspectiveis not limited by mass media’s boundary. His opinions are fresh andunique. He thinks of Chinese relative close and less effectivefinance market as the most competitive strength in terms of riskdiversification and arbitrage opportunity. He is keenly aware that‘talk is talk’, and that action is key. Back test results andpractical experience are used to demonstrate his perspective.

Mingzheis also personally delightful. He is as comfortable to stay around ashe is engaging, pleasant, and humorous. As I got to know Mingzhe overthe years, I became only more impressed by the wide range of hisabilities and his modesty about them. He can build relationships withstrangers quickly and maintain the relationships well. He has veryfew personal interactions since he pays abundant attention toprofessional interpersonal relationships.

Dueto Mingzhe’s six years of abroad experience while at school,multi-cultural, and global perspective&nbsphave become part of hisgenes.&nbspIt is easy for him to form partnerships and workeffectively to tackle global or multinational challenges.

Earninga Master’s Degree will help Mingzhe achieve a world-classprofessional status. I am sure you will find him to be a studentwhose talents will only shine further through your post-graduateprogram. I wholeheartedly recommend Mingzhe as a prospective studentin your institution.