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24 March 2020


Guncontrol remains a controversial matter in the U.S. Proponents of theissue argue that private possession of the weapons allow citizens todefend themselves against attacks. However, the country is exposed tomultiple dangers as seen in the recent shooting of civilians.Further, it is alleged that the right to possess firearms is providedfor in the constitution following the First Amendment. The US SupremeCourt had in the years between 2008 and 2010 allowed citizens to ownguns for self-defense. It is notable that the country faces multiplesecurity challenges with criminals hence, the need to come up withnew approaches that are hard to detect. The bearing of arms shouldbe legalized, regularized, and monitored for the good of the Americansociety.

Thereis a a great need for adoption of gun control laws to safeguardagainst misuse. Over the last few years, the U.S has witnessed aseries of shootings that have caused the loss of innocent people andproperties (Lott 43). In the recent past, America has witnessedhorrifying crimes such as the Umpqua Community College shooting wherestudents were shot. As a result, many people are against the repealof this Amendment because there are many avid gun owners throughoutthe nation. Most families in cities and out in the country have atleast one gun within them.

Flawsin security measures have resulted in the spread of insecurity andinfringement of basic human rights. Cases such as murders,carjacking, and robberies are prevalent in the American society. Inturn, the legalization of the right to bear guns would see a declinein such cases since it would provide a framework for its practice.Other nations, such as England, banned private ownership of firearms.Nonetheless, there were no signs of reduced criminal activitiesdespite the prohibition that was implemented in 1997.

Theadoption of gun control laws will help to streamline the securitypolicies hence, contribute to a safer American society. It willreduce inappropriate usage and ownership of firearms, a move thatundermines security. Gun control laws may be helpful in creating abetter platform where the government has a management system on theflow and usage of firearms (Spitzer 62).

Nonetheless,gun control may not necessarily lead to reduced levels of crimes. Thepolicy should have standards that are precise in providing directionfor minimizing the risk of individual actions and helping achieve thedesired objectives. The right rule could reduce the high rates ofcrime since citizens will be able to protect themselves. Furthermore,there are many armed criminals, so disallowing citizens the right tobear arms make them defenseless. The federal and state governmentsshould come up with the necessary laws for the discussion on the waysto improve gun control. People do not feel safe in their householdsor in the communities they reside therefore, they visit local gunstores and purchase rifles for self-protection (Halbrook 8). Besides,banning the right of the public to carry fire arms would negate thespirit of the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right of peopleto bear and keep arms.

Inconclusion, the American society faces security challenges that raisethe debate whether to ban and control private possession of firearms.As seen in the discussion above, bearing arms in the US will help inimproving the safety of the citizens. It would also assist insafeguarding the human rights, as well as protect the people fromexploitation and fear. It is necessary that the government developfar-reaching reforms to control the private ownership of guns.


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