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Fit Analysis Personal Fit Criteria for an occupation in Human Resource Management

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FitAnalysis: Personal Fit Criteria for an occupation in Human ResourceManagement


Thiswrite up is a report inclined towards establishing job selectioncriteria is fit for the professional job chosen. For the sake of thereport, the professional job chosen is human resource management. Inthis report, I have described the dynamics and expectation of humanresource as an occupation. In addition to that, I have alsoenumerated the major personal job selection criteria that Iprioritize as follows: first, satisfaction of the fulfillment of lifepurpose, which stands out as service to humanity. Secondly, isexploring the work schedule flexibility as a criterion. Next, I havealso discussed the criterion of bundled benefits offer such ascomprehensive health cover, study leave and support, holidays,overtime amongst others. Lastly, I have also exposed the criterion oflack of micro management in the job role. After the lengthydiscussion of such criteria, the report also seeks to establish thefit analysis of the job selection criteria against the occupationchosen.

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ResearchReport, Fit Analysis


Thisresearch paper will endeavor to provide a report of personal fitcriteria for an occupation in human resource management. Humanresource management is a core function in a business unit fororganizations across all industries. Both HR specialist companies andin-house organizational departments offer a broad range of careerpaths one can pursue in human resource management. Almost allexisting organizations irrespective of how small they may be performHR related functions by themselves. In many cases, other specializedHR functions are outsourced such as recruitment, payroll processing,benefits and compensation definition plan, management attorneysamongst many others (Mondy&ampBandy 28).This paper will explore the following job selection criteria as humanresource personnel: satisfaction of life purpose fulfillment, workschedule flexibility, bundled benefit offer and lack ofmicromanagement while performing defined job description. Afterdiscussion of the specific criteria set, the paper will endeavor toexplore the fitness for the job in reference to the enhancement ofthe prioritized role criteria. This research report paper therefore,will entail comprehensive discussion of the preferred and prioritizedcriteria for a human resource role and explore the fitness analysisfor the nature of the job.


Mypreferred job selection criteria before assuming any offer includethe following: start with top in my priority list is thesatisfaction of life purpose fulfillment. Life stands out as the mostprecious and beautiful thing one can ever have. Nothing is asimportant as making use of your preciously leased energy and time toaccomplish the ultimate purpose you came to do in life (Reece&amp Brand 147).Itis tragic if by any chance you find your way to the grave without theeventual recognition of what you came to do in life. I have sinceestablished my purpose in life as humble service to humanity andextension of helping hand to the suffering and in need. There isoverwhelming joy in me when I know that the efforts done translate toa natural smile in the life of a person (Reece&amp Brand 147).Anotherfundamental criterion is work schedule flexibility. Work schedules,which are flexible, imply that there is variance from the standardand stipulated organizational schedules. Because flexible workschedules should meet the basic needs of both the employee and theemployer, such flexible schedules are agreed upon based available jobto be done and predefined parameters beforehand (Workplaceflexibility 2). This kind of flexibility is a replaceable alternativeto the conventional and traditional 40-hour or nine to five worksacross the week. This arrangement gives employees the freedom to varytheir reporting and departure times to the office. Essentially,employees are supposed to work a defined duration in a pay period butbe available during the day over crucial time. This kind of jobflexibility in terms of the working schedules is a very crucialcriterion while choosing a job offer amongst other considerations(Workplace flexibility 2).

Next,in the priority list of criteria of choosing my job is theorganizational employee bundled benefits offered. It is very crucialwhen you know that the organization over and above the salaryoffered, they also consider closely the general employee wellness.This is defined by other benefits that come with the job offer. Theseranges from sufficient comprehensive health cover, holidays, breaksand meals, sick leave, overtime, provision of flexible study leavesand subsidies while furthering the career path and also the generalwelfare of employees. These benefits, which come with the particularjob description they do not pass my scrutiny eye before I accept andsign a contract. Such benefits should be adequate and accommodativein nature so that the overall wellbeing is balanced (Bill&amp Charan 29).Lastly, in my criteria list in reference to the order of priority, isthe lack of micro management with freedom of choice within thestipulated organizational code of ethics. Micro management is assumedas where there is extensive management or control of all smalldetails of an activity in an unwanted nature and cause problems withthe same. This is the scenario where the bosses are majoring on minordetails and imposing priority leads which should be addressed first.In the end, such excessive madness on all minor and insignificantdetails makes the broader management to lose the ability of focusingon key details of concern. I believe in my abilities, integrity andconscience to perform what is right at any given scenario and thus Ido not agree with micro management as a style of leadership (Mondy&ampBandy 28).


Myoccupation of choice is human resource management. This is anoccupation I am passionate about and convinced beyond all reasonabledoubt that it offers me the privileges of my basic career selectioncriteria. Human resource management is the organizational function,which majors on the recruitment and firing employees, management andprovision of clear directional guideline of the members of staff in agiven organization (Mondy&ampBandy 28).As broad as one may think, all functions that revolve around on thepeople working in a given organizations, all these is part of humanrecourse’s job description. The members of staff working under thehuman resource department are responsible in providing necessarytools, knowledge, administrative services, training and seminars,management and legal advice, and oversight of the talent managementwhich is highly needed for successful operation for the entireorganization. Mostly, it is at the heart of this role, that thereshould be a defined organizational culture across which in turnbrands the corporate (Bill&amp Charan 27).

Humanresource personnel are left with the core responsibility of ensuringthat the corporate majors in putting up a team and eventually inspireempowerment of all members of staff. Other activities which may alsobe of substantial interest may include community and employeeoutreach. The departmental function also serves to spearheadingphilanthropic charity giving, activities engaging the entire employeefraternity as well as creating events, which bring together familiesof individual employees. This is just but a brief overview of theoccupation of my choice that I am convinced is fit to integrate wellwith my job selection criteria. Human resource as a job is entirelydealing and managing individuals (Mondy&ampBandy28).


Inthe fit analysis segment, it more concerned in establishing the linkbetween the human resources as a profession against the personal jobselection criteria. To begin with, human resource as profession givesme the provision of satisfaction of fulfillment of my life purpose. Iam literally inclined towards service to humanity and witnessingchanged and transformed lives. Filling the role in an organizationexposes me to my passion and commitment to serving humanity andseeing them through realization of the dreams. This is a duty amwilling to perform without pay since it is my life, thanks to thesalary. Again, another key thing is the aspect of work scheduleflexibility. In this respect, human resources are not involved in theoperational duties of the organization

(O`Sullivan3). This implies that one can plan their time and schedules since jobis not real-time oriented. It is possible to come early and leavelate in pursuit of compensating on time spent elsewhere. It ispossible to be unavailable certain days of the week and still atworkplace but still have your job well done in the available days.This makes my criteria fit for the job selection (Bill&amp Charan 27).

Next,the other criterion was the bundled organizational benefits offeredfor the role. Interesting enough, human resource job is alwayscategorized a management crucial position in any given organization.This means that the tailor made package of bundled benefits are amongthe most attractive ones across the employee divide. Benefits such ashealth cover, study leave packages, overtime, holidays amongst otherbenefits are developed the best. In this respect then the fitnesstest of the criteria holds water. Lastly, the other criterion waslack of micro management. Since human resource function majors ongiving direction to the rest of the employees, it is easier to micromanage than to be managed yourself. This ability gives one thefreedom to be they and perform their duties according to theirpersonal judgment and integrity. This again, makes me fit for thepurpose considering the criteria and the profession (Bill&amp Charan 27).


Inconclusion, this research report has capitalized in exposing humanresource as a profession. A good deal of the write up has gone intodefining the job selection criteria prioritized in line with whatworks for me. Most importantly, the report has also dealt with theexposition of fit analysis in order to establish how the criteriachosen fit into human resource as a profession. From the discussionsdetailed in the report, my preference defining job selection criteriais fit for the role of human resource management. In this respectthen, I am in the process of enrolling for human resource course togain necessary training. This is my preferred future job since itfits so well with my selection criteria and I can commit to trainingin order to pursue the career. An individual performs best whenpursuing the passion of their life, which implies that I would postthe highest results while doing human resources as a job since it ismy passion. From this argument, I am shifting my agenda into trainingand academic preparation to clinch my job preference of humanresource management in the future. Even as I pursue further studiesin the field, I will embark on job searching since I have thepassion, already fit for the role, and so am convinced to delivergreat results once employed.


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