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Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

FloridaAgricultural and Mechanical University

FloridaAgricultural and Mechanical University

Whatit’s all about

FloridaAgricultural and Mechanical University which is commonly identifiedby many as FAMU is a public institution in Tallahassee, state ofFlorida, United States. It was founded in 1887, and it is one of thebiggest historically black higher learning institutions in thecountry by enrollment. The institution is distinguished by the lushfoliage and the massive oaks. Statistics show that the main campushas 156 buildings which are spread over four hundred and twenty-twoacres atop of the highest seven hills of Tallahassee (Agricultural,2013).Satellite campuses of FAMU can be found in Orlando, which hosts theCollege of Law, while else Miami hosts college of health. It isaccredited to offer baccalaureate, masters and also doctorate degreesby the States Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association ofColleges and Schools (SACS).

ARecent ranking of the public Historically Black Colleges andUniversities (HBCUs) placed the institution in position one and sevenoverall (Canteyet al., 2013).For total expenditure on research and development, the NationalScience Foundation placed FAMU on position one among the HBCUs in theentire nation in 2015. The following year it was elevated to aDoctoral University. The enrollment population entails mostlyundergraduates and approximate ninety percent of these 11,000individuals are African-American.

Inthe department of sports, the university has a well-designedmanagement team that oversees activities like football andbasketball. The school has won several football honors most notablythe five national titles it holds up to date (Cooperet al., 2014).American football superstars like Bob Hayes are some of the membersof the alumni of the institution. On the other hand, the mostimportant day to the members of FAMU is October 3 of every year whenthey commemorate the establishment of the university.

Iwould be interested in joining the school due to its vast history andthe variety of academic programs which are offered at the University.It is also an ideal institution to better my co-curricularactivities. I would indulge in sports like football during my freetimes which would help me relax and get ready for the next learningsession. Finally, the FAMU financial plan is also an attractivefeature since some of the difficulties I might be having would beneutralized by the scholarship, grants and loans awarded.

WhyCollege Education Maters

Collegeeducation is important since it gives someone fresh skills. Eventhough one pays lots of money to join a higher learning institution,the exploratory aspect of college life is significant. Not only willan individual hopefully determine whether or not the intended careeris the right fit, but also one will learn various ways of interactingwith people from diverse culture. As one migrate to the workinggroup, there will be much interaction with many differentpersonalities and university or college is a great time to startpracticing.

Anotherreason why college matters is that one can gain valuable job skills.The prospect is achieved where one is ready to attend classesregularly and also choose programs that offer stern challenges.Students who focus on classes or programs that offer stern challengescan develop skills which one can unlock opportunities(Hout,2012). Programs like internships which are offered in collegesassists in gaining technical experience, generate a good resume andthen allow one to the network with others.

Uponattainment of a college education, one can acquire a well-paying job,as compared to the high school graduates. One will certainly startworking for a major company and work the way up thus achieving thecareer earlier planned. Through that, a person can easily invest inlife in addition to the investments done while in college whereby oninvested in knowledge and brainpower Also college life helps onebecome independent (Hout, 2012). The challenges that are there in theuniversities or the college help one build a solid life where astudent can develop solutions for certain problems.

Thecollege still helps an individual discover a new passion and learn alot about oneself. One can evaluate the weakness and as well definestrengths to overcome them. Bonding with new people from all cornersof the universe helps one prepare for the life ahead. These newfriends may also introduce one in some of the co-curricularactivities like sports, publishing newspapers, stage performances,and community work which were absent in high school and which wouldhelp one have options in life.


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