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Similaritiesand Differences of Physician, Nurse Practitioner, and PhysicianAssistant


Inthe basic sciences, the physician assistant takes almost 400 hoursthat amount to about 26 months. The students graduate after coveringat least 2000 clinical hours. On the other hand, the Physicians takefour years to complete their studies where they cover 150 weeks ofmaterial. The volume of work tackled is 1.5 times more compared tothat involved in the PA school. The GPA should be 3.5+. Lastly, thenurse practitioners (NP) need 1-2 years experience as a nurse whichtakes about 2000-4000 hours. However, beyond this, the NPs aresupposed to take about 750-1400 hours to specialize (Gonzales, 2014).


ThePAs deals with a range of therapeutic and diagnostic services thoughthe extent will depend on the practice setting. Unlike them, thephysicians use the counteractive methods to treat the diseases andinjuries. They can prescribe medications and practice medicine otherthan on few occasions if they may exist. The NP performs a range ofservices while on duty. They can examine the patients give thenecessary treatment to them, perform the diagnostic tests andinterpret them among others.


ThePAs are generally trained and can be found across all the medicalspecialties, but the Physicians are found in all the facilities thatare capable of paying for their services. They are expensive, andmost hospitals may be unable to pay them. The NPs can work incollaboration with the physicians although they are allowed toperform their duties independently in some states while in thehealthcare facilities.


Theycan work in healthcare facilities in the positions that are relevantto their training. Regarding physicians, their vacancies areavailable in all the hospitals as their profession is paramount inany setting. Similarly, the NPs are extensively and intensively usedin the primary care facilities to attend to all needs of thepatients.


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