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Foreigner in a Strange Land

Foreignerin a Strange Land

Foreignerin a Strange Land

Thereare many activities that we involve ourselves in everyday life. Theseactivities include schoolwork, family responsibilities, and our jobs.Time should always be allocated equally to ensure that daily routineshave effectively been done. Other pursuits such as hobbies, sports,and social volunteer activities should also be incorporated for theyform part of the day-to-day operations and therefore proper timeallocated for each pursuit. This paper seeks to analyze the variousdaily activities and how time is assigned to each event together withthe different searches (Australia, 2014).

Thenumber of foreigners in the United States has significantly increasedin the recent past, and it is still growing. The United States as acountry firmly roots its foundation on people from differentcountries coming to start a life in the New World, therefore, in oneway or another the Americans are foreigners themselves. The UnitesStates has come to be identified as the land of opportunities theworld over. It is because of the possibilities in the United Statesthat people from possibly every country, foreigners flock to theUnited States. The immigrants that are lucky and make it in theUnited States live on the verge of the American dream, story of mylife.

I am an international student in the United States, and there Iidentify myself with the foreigners as my identity group andrepresentation. Consequently, it is important to my father that westick to our traditions and heritage. My family normally kick-startsthe day with a line-up of Arabic cuisines for breakfast everyday withthe exception of the weekends where my father allows us some taste ofthe American breakfast. According to my mother, breakfast is usuallythe most important meal of the day and usually ensures everyone is atthe table. Afterwards either my mum or dad drops my two sisters andme to school. My folks usually charge me with the responsibility oftaking care of my siblings. I had a difficult time transitioning andunderstanding the American culture since we came here when I hadalready advanced past my formative years. However, I sometimes cannothelp think that my younger siblings are lucky since they were bornhere, the land of opportunities.

Theschool’s football team quarterback or the presumably the prettiestand the coolest girl in school never approached me or even talked tome, I think to myself as I walk past them and head to class. As aninternational student, everyone expected me to show remarkableacademic excellence including my friends. Subsequently, I always takeit upon myself to work twice as hard as everyone does in class,something that pays off since am usually at the top of my class withthe prospects of being a valedictorian. Outdoor and contact sportsfor me are out of the question, thus I take part in activities suchas chess and the preferred clubs for the international students beingthe Mathematics Club or the Science Club, both of which I chair. Myfriends hardly want to come over at my place because they are afraidof strict my parents. Apparently, in America, the association ofstrictness and foreign parents is not a new phenomenon.Disciplinarians and overly protective are some of the traits thatforeign parents are known for. Being an immigrant, I have come totake the role of a cultural ambassador of my homeland. People oftenask me so many questions concerning my countries cultural backgroundand I gladly answer those questions. Talking to people about mycultural background makes me feel useful because I will get anaudience and become noticeable. Setting the record straight to peopleabout some of the ideas and thoughts about the culture of my countrythat are not true gives me great joy. There have been those who haveused the information about my country of origin to mock or make funof me but I have since developed a tough skin.

Duringthe evening, my parents come to pick us at school. Depending on theday of the week, one of us has to pick the radio station to listen toas we drive home. Additionally, everyone likes to talk about thehighlight of his or her day in the drive back home. Most of the timeI prefer not going into the fine details of the highlight of my day,who wants to tell their parents and siblings about their crushanyway. As soon as we get home, everyone freshens up and soon startson their homework if any. Dinner is usually done by nine after whichwe watch television for an hour and everyone retires to bed.

Leisuretime is also an essential element of everyday life, which requirestime allocation. As it is said, too much work without play makes Jacka dull boy and therefore I ensure that I incorporate leisure time formy daily routine. My recreational activities include swimming,travelling, watching movies and playing golf. I attend to theseevents mostly on weekends because of the tight schedule duringweekdays. On Saturday’s I go for swimming for about two hours andthis happens mostly in the afternoons when it is a sunny day. EverySaturday morning after breakfast I watch, a movie for about two hoursand after that attends to my house chores and mostly laundry. OnSundays, I get involved in social activities first, I attend churchmass in the morning hours and after that go for an outing in aplanned destination.

Ialternate these leisure activities every weekend depending on myschedule. I also attend to volunteer activities such as plantingtrees, going to children’s homes and visiting the sick to donatesome basic needs to them such as food and clothing. I ensure that Imanage time for all these activities and ensure that I do not repeatthe same operations for two consecutive weekends thus ensuring thebalance. Notably, time is the key point in performing every day’sactivities and the leisure activities, and thus it should be managedto ensure every day’s goals have been achieved.

Anotherway of ensuring time management is avoiding procrastination, which isan inaudible killer, and it is the greatest restriction to theachievement of goals. The only manner to avoid adjournment is byensuring that what needs to be done is done and prioritizing time tomake sure that all the set goals have been achieved. However, theessential element of time management is not essentially getting a lotof things done but working on the factual things. If time is notmanaged well, there will be less productivity, and thus less will bedone leading to a lot of stress and struggling for time for leisureactivities, family, and friends. Through an appropriate mannermanagement, a lot will be done in a short period and thus leading tothe feeling of relaxation, focus, and control of an individual’slife. Well, managed time leads to a strong sense of accomplishmentfrom everything that has been done.