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Forestry Industries


Sarah Mack

Sarah Mack is the President and CEO of Tierra Resources. Heroccupation is an ecologist and responsibilities are efforts towardsthe environment. She leads the organization in rehabilitating andprotecting the environment forests and wetlandsare among them. Recently, Sarah Mack was certified to be afloodplain manager.



Marital status




Gender parity in forestry industry

The forest industry workforce is dominant of men (Colfer, Basnett &ampElias, 2016). According to studies conducted, the primary reasonidentified gets its ground on the nature ofwork and duties in this field. Most jobs are manual and technical andhence men tend to accept them more than women. However, there hasbeen a significant increase of women getting technical and managerialpositions.

Another reason gender disparity is significant in forest industry isthat administrative, and other topleadership positions are offered only to men. The women mainly takeadministrative and support staff positions (Caraway, 2013). For thosewomen with specialties in forestry fields, they getjunior management positions. According to the definition ofprofessional women in forestry areas, it means women with a degreelevel.

The disparity of gender in the workforce is an issue in numerouscountries apart from the USA. Some determinants influencing thisvariation are political, policies, lack of advocacy for women to beprioritized and in some cases gender bias (Alsos, Hytti &ampLjunggren, 2016).

In conclusion, although some organizations may claim to have equalemployment to both men and women, there is still anoticeable gap in equality (Jackson, 2014). In this line, itis evident that women need to advocate for better and higher workingpositions in all forms of employment in forestry jobs. The women oftoday are training in all areas, and they tend to prove theircapabilities.


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