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Accordingto the findings, the human resource department is one of the keydepartments in the organization and it’s involved in thedecision-making process of the organization. The main role of thedepartment is the management of the employee performances through theperformance management system and control of the staff changes andstatus through the manpower planning team. Another important role ofthe department as described by the head of the recruitment is therole of shaping the organization through annual manpower budgetreview and developing annual reports on growth, diversity, attrition,and deficiency. In support of the organization’s growth anddevelopment, the human resource department has ensured to develop keystrategies that will help the organization in achieving its set goalsand objectives. Some of the strategies that the department hasimplemented as stated in the findings include automation of therecruitment process and the introduction of new employee sources soas to increase the target talent pool. According to Onrec (2015), anonline recruitment resource, automation of the recruitment processeshelps the recruiters find the right candidates, reduces human errorand biases while at the same time encouraging human interaction whenappropriate. Thus the automation will improve consistency efficiencywhile saving time and costs at GAL.

Anotherissue noted in the findings is the impact of the change ofadministration in the organization, how it affected the strategicplans. The human resource departments were able to curb this throughthe introduction of employee workshops that seek to provide aplatform where the human resource officers were able to discuss thestrengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities with otheremployees. The same concept is expressed by McDade (2013), in herarticle, she says that a good employer is one who invests in theiremployees, providing them with training and workshops (McDade, 2013).She goes ahead to say that workshops help employees release theirtensions, they feel more relaxed as they interact with otherindividuals and at the same time they are able to learn new basicskills that help them perform their job better and more efficient.Apart from the workshops, the organization has worked towards thedevelopment of a future strategic plan that would show a major changein the organizational structure of the company and the existingfunctions.

Thefindings on the future strategy of the organization were remarkablejust like its previous years where it has achieved a lot ofobjectives compared to other organizations in the same industry. Thehead of the recruitment went ahead to explain that the futurestrategy of the organization revolved around developing a morestructured proactive entity within the next two years compared to itscurrent existence as a reactive entity. The head of recruitment ofGAL has enough faith in the organization and employees at large inaccomplishing the future strategy. He said that the organization hasundergone a lot of changes in the last six years especially with thetop management and he believed that the new strategy in theorganization would be a new change of some sort but change is a normin the organization and thus it would not be a huge task.

GALprides in being self-sufficient, lean and having a strongrelationship with its clients. These aspects have helped theorganization achieve its strategic priorities over the years. It isof significance to note that having strong relationships with clientshelps an organization meet its objectives with ease. Reason being,through clients an organization is able to know the few changes thatthey need to make in order to satisfy their clients. Another keymatter that was handled in the findings is the issue of Emiratizationwhich has not only affected other organizations but also the Galworkforce. Failure to comply with the Emiratization rules requiresthe organization to pay penalties. This process has seen GAL developmore open interviews with large interviewing panels that’s diverseso as to ensure the vetting thoroughness and in cases where the UAEnationals require additional training an OJT plan is developed.

Buteven with the issue of the Emiratization the organization hascontinued to progress in terms of growth, it has not only managed toprovide satisfactory services to its customers but it has alsomanaged to make profits over the years. This was proven by the headof the recruitment who termed consistent growth rate as one of thekey indicators of GAL`s success. The head of the recruitment wentahead to explain that the human resource department has continuouslyworked hard and played a huge role in ensuring the success of theorganization since employees are a key resource in growth anddevelopment of any given organization. Some of the roles thedepartment has played in the development of the organization into ahigh performance and effective firm as expressed in the findings aresuch as ensuring that the firm hires the right people for the jobsbased on their qualifications and experience.

Accordingto Swift and Sawa (2013), developing high performing organizationsinvolves finding the right people for the right jobs, recruiting andmaintaining employees who strive to make a difference. Having theright employees in the job allows the organization to focus on otherkey operations that would see the growth of the firm. GAL has alsoensured to reward the hardworking employees and achievers as a way ofmotivating them. The department has also played the role workingtowards employee engagement through handling all employee requests ontime and also keeping tabs on employees levels of competitions.According to an article in the journal of commerce and management byRamesh and Vasuki (2013), rewarding of employees is not only a way tomotivate employees but it’s a huge way of retaining the employees.This same concept has been implemented by GAL, through their humanresource department that has continuously encouraged and motivatedemployees with a key aim of retaining them through rewarding them fortheir hard work through incentives and promotions.

Basedon the findings, the human resource department is involved with otherorganizational duties apart from recruitment and training ofemployees. Unlike in other organizations where the human resourcedepartment only deals with employees issues, GAL’s human resourcedepartment provides advice on issues regarding organizationaldevelopment, execution timelines of organizational projects andinitiatives. The department is involved with basically thedecision-making the process of the firm. Based on these findings, itis of the essence to say that the organization is a high performingorganization overall. This is supported by the fact that theorganization has invested so much in the main department that holdsthe employee`s interest.

Accordingto Sawa and Swift (2013), high performing organizations are developedthrough having the right people working for you. In this case, GAL`sinvestment on the human resource department shows that theorganization believes in the same concept of recruiting the rightpeople for the right job. Having the right people means having a goodworkforce that will be efficient and effective ensuring that theorganization`s goals and objectives are met. This same concept hasbeen supported by Meinert (2013), in the HR magazine the authorstates that most high performing organizations will always havestrong human resource staff. This means that without good staff inthe human resource development then a given firm may experiencechallenges when it comes to performance. Reason being, a humanresource staff has to lead the way, he has to be the required exampleto other staffs. Thus GAL having a strong human resource departmentacts as a competitive advantage to the organization when it comes toperformance.


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