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Obstetricsand Gynecology Doctor.


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Ihave been undertaking normal birth deliveries as well as executingcaesarean section delivery (I have successfully done more than 1000normal deliveries and over 200 caesarean surgeries). I havesuccessfully performed Hysterectomy, Dilation, and CurettageSurgeries. I have performed successful laparoscopy procedures. I haveneutralized emergencies concerning hypertension during pregnancy whenI served with Red Cross in Libya. I have participated in compulsoryresidence which helped me endure irregular working hours.


Participationin research for hypertension during pregnancy aimed at finding thecauses and cure for this disorder among women.

Ihave successfully undertaken 1000 normal deliveries within a periodof six years and several caesarean section deliveries

Ihave applied for the United States Medical Licensing Examination®. a United States license for the international doctor which willenable me to work anywhere in the world


Workedfor six (6) years as an Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctor in Libya.

Skillfulin examining and diagnosing pregnancy related issues and treatingthem

Closelymonitor health conditions of expectant women as well as their unbornbabies.

Managethe labor processes till after child delivery

Prescribingfetal medicine

Treatinfected female genitalia and internal organs.

Offerprenatal, natal and post-natal care.

Recordand store patients’ historical medical conditions.

Analyzeand interpret patients’ medical reports.

Offermedical advice and counsel to mothers during expectancy and afterchildbearing periods.


Iam a hardworking and dedicated individual capable of working in afast paced institution whilst delivering excellent results. I believein my exceptional skills and I yearn to exploit them to the benefitof my patients. I have worked as an Obstetrics and a GynecologyDoctor for six years in Libya gaining valuable experience. My tenderempathy for patients inspires their confidence in me.


Toutilize my medical skills and competencies while seeking to advancethem with every given opportunity. This is line with my dreams tomeaningfully contribute to the field of medicine in a greater bid tosave more human lives. I purpose to indulge in medical research andhelp institutions come up with the discoveries in the field ofmaternal health care which is my core area of interest. I also intendto undertake further research in pregnancy related ailments andcomplications to discover best ways to prevent and cure hypertension.Acquire a master’s degree in public health and work towardspromoting better health standards amongst huge populations.


Iam a highly adaptable individual, able to settle and work inunfamiliar and challenging environments. Ipossess strong interpersonal and communication skills that facilitatemy smooth interaction with persons of different personalities. Iam anexcellentteam player with the ability to coexist and work with medics fromdifferent cultural, religious and political backgrounds.Iam able to maintain high levels of attentiveness for longer hours. Ihave high levels of empathy which helps me develop and maintain trustwith patients.


Bachelor`sdegree in medicine, Graynouis University- Libya medical school(1997-2003)


Bilingualin both Arabic and English


RedCross Libya Medical Association of Libya International Association of Doctors


Thechief medical officerThe vice-chancellor

LibyaGeneral Public Hospital BenghaziGraynouis university Benghazi

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