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Geological Florida


Floridais an enormous plateau barely above the sea level. For more of itsgeological history, Florida was mainly under water and during thisparticular time, vast shells of countless billions of sea wildlifedecayed forming the current thick layers of the limestone which nowarose above the level of the sea. Its geological history has reallyinfluenced the culture of the inhabitants as exemplified beneath.

Floridaconsists of Flatwoods containing open forests and a copiousness offlowers, including different varieties of orchid. The presence of theorchid due to erosion has made the people to practice the art ofdecoration which has become their culture. The Florida people alsopractice farming due to the cool and warm climate. The climate alsois the most significant natural resource in Florida, making it achief center and a home for millions of retired people.

Therapid populace growth and change which has been occurring in Floridasince the Second World War has really made accurate avowal about thelanguage barrier. Immense migration from the north and north centralAtlantic regions, including a big number of Yiddish speakers hasinfluenced the language spoken in Florida. Due to this kind ofmigration, the culture of the people has been influenced making themto speak different languages.

Thepeoples’ culture has also been influenced by religion. The Floridawhite population was tremendously Catholic. The Protestants colonistsfrom the British government arrived and influenced many to becomeProtestants. The Jews also influenced the other part of thepopulation into Jewish religion however, the Roman Catholic Churchis the largest religion in the region. Due to the existence ofdifferent inhabitants, Florida has got different religiousorganizations making it to have different religion cultures among thepopulation.

Inconclusion, the geological history of Florida has really influencedthe culture of the people living in Florida. Due to the largepopulation, ethnic and racial relations have become a central issueleading to tensions between the blacks and the Hispanic.


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