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Global health and diversity

Globalhealth and diversity


Globalhealth and diversity

Examinethe leading health indicators and goals of the United Nations’ SDGsand the United States’ Healthy People 2020.

Theprimary goal of the United Nations’ SDGs and the United States’Healthy People 2020 is to promote and enhance the health of thepopulace. However, the Health People focuses on health amongAmericans, while the SDGs concentrate on a global perspective. Thedifference between the two includes how the SDGs attempt to improvehealth by focusing on strategies to reduce poverty. The SDGs placesprecedence on the first six issues, out of 17 goals, which include:“poverty, zero hunger, good health, quality education, genderequality, and clean water and sanitation”[ CITATION Kum16 l 1033 ].On the other hand, the Healthy People 2020 has 42 subject areascomprising of more than 1,200 objectives[ CITATION www16 l 1033 ].The initiativeprioritizes on, “access to health services, clinical preventiveservices, environmental quality, maternal, infant, and child health,and injury and violence”[ CITATION www16 l 1033 ].

Identifyand analyze meaningful similarities and differences, in feasibilityand appropriateness of targets

Forthe SDGs and the Healthy People initiatives, areas of similaritiesinclude issues on access, equality, and the environment. On the otherhand, the difference is exhibited through the type of the populationeach program serves. The predominant issues in the SDGs initiativeinclude the eradication of poverty and hunger, while Healthy People2020 aims at improving health through quality education,collaboration, and extensive research[ CITATION Kum16 l 1033 ].The common health concerns facing the international community requirea colossal amount of resources and global partnershipto achieve the desired goals.


Thereare common goals and objectives between the two initiatives such asreducing inequalities, clean water, and strong policy-makinginstitutions. As such, there is a need for collaboration andcooperation between the two programs, irrespective of the currentdisparities, to ensure the provision of optimal health among people.


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