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Goals and contexts

Goalsand contexts

Personal,academic and professional goals

Tobegin with, my personal goals include improving the quality of carereceived by most of the people with mental and physical disabilities.This is in agreement with the quality of service/medication that thepatients currently receive. I have been in several health facilitieswhere I noticed that most patients continue to suffer since theyrarely receive a permanent solution to their problems due to issuessuch as the cost of the medication. Therefore, I intend to come upwith a simpler remedy to the problems that will be cheaper comparedto the current options.

Regardingthe academic goals, I intend to attain a Doctorate of Philosophy inpsychology. I also plan to gain more knowledge by learning relatedareas such as nursing and biochemistry. Through this, I will beknowledgeable, thus able to offer quality services to the patients.Being academically equipped will play a crucial role in understandingthe functioning of the body so that appropriate medication can beprescribed (Kitzrow&amp Martha, 2013).Learning biochemistry will provide me with knowledge on thepharmacology and pharmacognosy so that the interaction of the drugsand the body can be efficient. Obtaining such information will becrucial to help me understand the situation my patients are goingthrough. This will give me a hand to develop appropriate medicationto ensure that they are attended to efficiently.

Oneof my primary professional goals is to attain a management positionin a health facility so that I can be in a position to make decisionsregarding the quality of services that the people receive. Being in amanagement position will play a crucial role in improving medicationand subsidizing the cost of the treatment which will be helpful tothe people. I also intend to start up a pharmaceutical company thatwill encourage creativity in the production of the drugs. Throughthis, I will be able to engineer new medication for patients withmental and physical disabilities so that more options can beavailable for the people. In summary, education will be crucial inattaining my career goals thus I have to be well educated to ensurethat I offer quality services.

Contextof Pursuing my Degree

Typically,I have worked in various places and in the process interact with manyindividuals with the above-mentioned disorders. Through thisencounter, I have been motivated to improve the quality of servicethat the people receive. Additionally, there is a growing number ofpatients showing up with the mental and physical disabilities due tothe quality of life people live ((Kitzrow&amp Martha, 2013)).Therefore, this creates a greater need for me to be knowledgeable inthis sector so that I can offer quality services and efficiency inthe medication. Lastly, it is also crucial to note that thecomplexity of the body functioning is quickly transforming thus thereis the need to understand that first before the problem at hand canbe solved. As a result, it is critical to go back to the books andgain more knowledge in this field so that I can be able to be pivotalin the treatment of both the mental and physical disabilities. Thus,I have to pursue my master’ degree and even proceed to the Ph.D.level so that I can be well equipped to deal with these issues(Kitzrow&amp Martha, 2013).


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