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Government homework quotes


Governmenthomework quotes

GovernmentHomework Quotes

Question:what are the moral justification for US joining World War I?

Answers:According to Fletcher, “What led the United States to enter intoWorld War One,” 2012. President&nbspWoodrowWilson&nbspwhowas then the sitting president of the United States in 1917 requestedfor a declaration of war against Germany, before a joint hearingCongress having been irritated by Germany’s violation of itspledge.The commitmentincluded suspending of unrestricted submarine combat in theMediterranean andthe Northern parts of the Atlantic. Germany had also started attemptsto woe Mexico to an alliance that would oppose major decisions by theUnited States. Itledto the justification of USA involvement in World War I againstGerman.

WorldWar I involved several nations including Germany, US, among others.Most of the parties fighting got sponsorship from different peopleincluding peoplein businesswho had borrowed loans.

Thedipping of the Lusitania was a majorreason why the United States was justified in entering into World WarI against Germany. The sinking of the ship carrying over 1000passengers including 128 Americans by the Germans agitated the thensitting President of America and the American peoplewhosought warfare against the Germany. According to Fletcher, 2012,“Although Lusitania ship might have been carrying militaryammunitions along with civilians, the people of America got angered,because they did not receive any warning before the sinking of theship by the German troops.”From this quotation,it’s clear that even if the ship was said to be carrying militaryequipment it could have been better if the Germans had sounded asinking warning before sinking the ship which led to the death ofmany people aboard including Americans. America was,therefore, justified in engaging in World War I against Germany whohad killed many people including.

Thesinking of the Lusitania ship carrying military equipment and over1000 people of which 128 were Americans to arealextent led to economic activism by the US which resultedinthem entering into warfare with Germany. The military equipment hadvalue,and thus the sinking had an impact onfinanciallosses however little it seems.

Question:Give the political perspectives that led Americatojoin the war?

Answers:On thepolitical point of view,the Germany had gone against their pledge which included suspendingof unrestricted submarine combat in the Mediterranean andthe Northern parts of the Atlantic. The violation led to the USdeclaring war onGermany. According to McQueen,2011“Germany’s continuation of submarine attacks on the people andmerchant ships in the year 1917 became the key motivation of UnitedStates engaging in World War I against Germany.” The US wastherefore justified to enter into warfare with Germany as they hadviolated their pledge.

Thesecond reason why US was justified entering World War I againstGermany was the economic interest of the American businessmenwho feared toenterinto debts in case they lost the war. These businessmenwere interested in allied victory. For their self-interests,they had to support the ‘Preparedness movement’ which championedfor the United States of America intervention into World War I.

Onthe political perspective, the political systems which engaged in thewarhadsupportfrom peoplein businesswho went to the extent of even borrowing loans to finance the war. Agood example is J.P Morgan who had helped insupporting theBritish-Frenchwars with $3 billion which was a purchase loan. Losing the war meantthat their political systems were never going to receive any fundingand thus they encouraged the move by the US joining them.

Question:What are the economic factors that justified America entering into WWI

Answers:Economically, businessmensuch as J.P.Morgan had helped in funding the British-Frenchwar with $3 billion which was a loan he had borrowed. “The greatbusiness people hada fear ofnot being able to repay debts to their US counterparts if the allieswould be defeated” (McQueen,2011).The allies losing against their opponents would have been sad news tothem, to avoid such disappointments and togetinto bad debts they thus strongly supported US’s move to enter intowar against Germany.

TheZimmerman note was yet another reason why the United States ofAmerica had to enter into World War I against Germany. The ZimmermanTelegram meant a threat attack by the German on the United States.According to McQueen,2011,“The Zimmerman note impliedthreattoGermanywhen attackingthe United Statesitswayed the United States public opinion insupport ofthe war declaration. Also,the International Law requiredthe placing of the U.S Navalon ships carrying civilians toguard themagainstthe Germany submarines”. Accordingto this telegram the Germans had proved that they had no interest inseeking the peacewhich would lead to the end of the conflict. It resultedinPresident Wilson declaringwar onGermany thus the US was justified to enter into the fighting toprotect its people from mass killing threats. Also,the US had toengage in thiswar as it was one way of protecting her citizens from the threatsissued by German.

Economically,the Zimmerman telegram meant that German was to attack the UnitedStates and thus lead to mass destruction of property, killing of itspeople and resultinmassive industrial destruction. It would have greatly affected theeconomy of the United States. Consequently, they had to seek a way ofprotecting themselves from the impending attack by engaging Germanyin World War I since they had no intention of findingpeace inthe long run. Therefore, the United States of America was justifiedin entering into World War I to save its economy from being broughtto its knees.

Accordingto “McQueen,Should the United States Have Entered World War I,2011”On the political view, Germany’s attempt to woe Mexico into joiningforces against the United States was of great impact. According toMcQueen, this meant that the force is aiming to break the politicalsystem in the United States leading to the two countries opposing themajor decisions by the US.President Wilson had to call for warfare to prevent this from takingplace in an attempt to save his country and its people againstGermany. Therefore, USA was right in entering into a war withGermany.

Inconclusion, the United States’ had asignificantrole to play in the outcome of World I and the signing of the peacetreaty. However,in this course, the country had tried to remain neutral somethingwhich later changed. It is because of reasons such as the Zimmermantelegram, unrestricted submarine warfare, the sinking of theLusitania ship which killed over 1000 people and the economicinterests of the great businessmen whowere funding the British-French war.They happento be the reasons why the United States was justified in enteringinto a war with German tosave its people from imminentthreats, its economy from sinking and its political regime led byPresident Woodrow Wilson from collapsing.


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