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Graduate Essay



Q1.Inception of HA Rental – Salisbury, A business Enterprise thatManages Hostel Facilities

Mostof the property owners at times find it very challenging to managetheir rental premises. This is because they not only have otherinvestments opportunities which they are fully engaged in, but theyalso lack good rapport with tenants who stay in these rentalpremises. Similarly, some investors in the real estate industry haveother full-time projects which are too demanding. Hence, they rarelyhave ample opportunity to market rental properties. Competition forreal estate products and services is very stiff in the currentbusiness environment. The situation is even more challenging forproperty owners who target college students as their main tenants.

Havinginteracted with various stakeholders in the real estate venture, Igot an inspiration to initiate HARental – Salisbury, which is a real estate company that specificallytargets property owners whose main tenants are college students. Thebusiness model of HA Rental – Salisbury offers satisfying services tocollege students as well as property owners. The majority of thestudents had the opportunity to book apartments of their choice atleast one month before they report to colleges.

HARental Company made this possible by creating an online platform inwhich students would virtually visit the premises and validate theircondition to find if they meet their standards and expectations.Additionally, parents and guardians were able to identify thelocation of the student houses and confirm the accommodation fees. HARental motivated students and their parents to access reliable,comfortable, and safe housing. The property owners, who would haveotherwise had difficulty in marketing and collecting rent from thestudents, felt a sense of relief. This is because HA Rental collectedrent on time, improved accommodation services, and developed positiverelationships with the tenants.

Q2.Business with humanity in mind means many things to different people.Please explain what business with humanity in mind means to you andhow you will apply your knowledge, skills, and abilities to advancethis ideal over the next five years.

Forany business enterprise to remain attractive to its customers and tostay viable in the competitive market there is the need for it toconnect with the entire human population that operates within andoutside the enterprise system. The feelings of employees, as well asclients, must be convincingly addressed to sustain the productivityof workers and enjoy a competitive advantage over other organizationsoffering similar services.

Essentially,business with humanity in mind implies an enterprise which pays closeattention to various needs, worries, and general feeling as well asthe contribution of all human resources that operate within itssystem. Moreover, a business with humanity in mind captures thesuggestions of its clients to improve the overall efficiency henceproductivity in the enterprise. For instance, if a reputable clientof an enterprise raises a concern that a product is faulty, then itwould be reasonable to call back the product to the company to locatewhere exactly the problem lies. Such move would, therefore, indicatethat an organization is mindful of the feelings of its clients.

Onthe other hand, employees’ feelings and contributions must beappreciated in the organization. Each contribution contributes to thesuccess of the enterprise. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, after salesservices have to be actualized to remain viable and connectpositively with different customers. Similarly, I would accommodateevery staff contribution that positively impacts the company.