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Group`s Opinion




Asa group, we established that Deflategate Scandals is odd from the wayit is named. This matter is very strange therefore it is vital to payattentions to the allegations made towards the New England Patriots.There is no way the patriot`sball would get deflated because the ball would benefit the team. Itisarguedthat deflating would have occurred due to weather conditions. Thisscandal is so ridiculous tothe extent thatit can make a first timer in football to discount it or laugh at thenature of the NFL investigations.

Throughoutthis research, we identified that if the deflation occurred due toreduced speed and the grip of the ball, the players would be creatingtheir chances of losing.Accordingto the opinion of the group, the controversy is weird as well asfarcical which is the reason as to why it blew up within a shortperiod. It isalso arguedthat various comedians were looking for ways that they would use togain all the craziness from the story so that they could benefittheir audiences. It isbelievedthat the deflate gate case divergedalong the political and hardline positions.The real gain of enhanced grip could have beeneffectedby any player who intercepts the ball. However, there was no wayprovidedthat would allow the deflated ball into the field. Eberle, Eager, andPeirceIt (2016) assumed that all balls must have beenweighing the same at the period the players were athalftime.The realityof the matter came in when the New England Patriots won overIndianapolis Colts.

Inconclusion, we can see that the Deflategate Scandal was very odd andthe matter waspointedtowards the New England Patriots. Despite these allegations, theywere able to win over Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady, who was thestar, was held responsible for this absurd scandal.Therefore,the NFL shouldapologizeto the New England Patriots.


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