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Health improvement



Myhealth improvement plan involves exercising regularly, eating abalanced diet, and having adequate sleep. Eating a balanced diet iscrucial for a healthy body (National Sleep Foundation, 2015). Mynutritional plan entails eating a heavy breakfast consisting offiber-rich food components. Also, I will eat a variety of fruits anddrink plenty of water throughout the day. I will also desist fromeating fast foods. Whenever possible, I will seek to prepare food athome since I can be sure about what I am eating.

Inaddition to eating a balanced diet, I will seek to have adequatesleep every night. As a student, I often find myself overwhelmed byschool work. In all weekdays, I have to attend lectures, complete myhomework, finish my personal duties such as doing laundry and stillhave time to be with my friends and families. This leaves me withabout three or four hours to sleep after which I have to wake up toprepare for another day. I am planning on managing my time morewisely to enable me to have at least six hours of sleep asrecommended by doctors. Adequate sleep is crucial for physical andmental health (National Sleep Foundation, 2015).

Lastly,I am planning on exercising regularly. Exercises play a profound rolein the prevention and management of health conditions such as highblood pressure and type II diabetes, among other lifestyle diseases(National Sleep Foundation, 2015). As a young person, I want toensure that I decrease my chances of developing these conditions. Forthis reason, I am planning on doing pushups as well as otherexercises that do not require me to attend gym sessions. I will alsojoin a jogging club.

Inconclusion, personal health goes past a disease-free body. Itencompasses having the energy to accomplish one’s short-term andlong-term goals. My personal health plan entails exercisingregularly, eating a balanced diet, and having adequate sleep.


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