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Cardiovasculardisease is a dangerous condition if it is not well managed ortreated. It is good when the disease is noticed at an early stagesince it will be easier to handle the condition. The conditionaffects people of any age including the children as well as theelderly individuals in the society. Therefore, I agree with thestatement that children should be screened on a regular basis forheart diseases since they are no exception to the condition.

Thefirst reason as to why I support that children should regularly betested is because kids are not mature enough to explain what theyfeel in their chests. This implies that a child can be born with aparticular condition, but it lacks the expressive symptoms.Therefore, it will be important to do regular screening since thiswould help in revealing the health status of the kids’ hearts(Vijayalakshmi et al., 2013).

Besides,periodic screenings for heart diseases are important as they assistin detecting any heart condition at an early stage (Vijayalakshmi etal., 2013). It will be easier to treat a heart condition that isnoticed during its early stages than when released in an advancedstage. For example, a hole in the heart has a higher probability ofbeing cured when it is discerned before it is too large. In thiscase, a small hole in the heart is less complex to treat than a bigone.

Moreover,regular heart screenings are important to children because they helpin identifying the risk factors for heart ailments. In this case, itwill be possible to know when there are high probabilities ofdeveloping a heart condition in the future. Therefore, the parentswill be advised on the lifestyle changes that the child should adoptin case there is a chance of suffering from a heart disease infuture.


Tosum up, the health of the heart is vital for survival because no onecan survive without a healthy heart. Therefore, regular heartscreening is crucial especially for children who cannot tell orexpress clearly how their bodies are functioning. Also, routinescreening helps in managing heart conditions better.


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