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Healthcare Administration – Strategic Planning

Institution of Affiliation

Sports medicine program is a branch of medicine that focuses on thegeneral health and fitness of people and the prevention of injuries.This field of medicine also specializes is therapies and treatment ofsports injuries such as fractures and sprains. This branch ofmedicine harmonizes the efforts of medical sciences and arts tomonitor the movements of sports and training as well as people livingwith disabilities. Sports medicine is, in fact, the few remainingheath sciences that prevent premature sprains and help thefunctioning of organs to prolong the life of athletes (Madden &ampNetter, 2010).

Swot Analysis, on the other hand, is an evaluation of the internaland external strengths and weaknesses regarding the sports medicineprogram. This assessment will help St. David’s Round Rock MedicalCentre evaluate her internal and external strengths and weaknesses toenable her to come up competitive advantage over her rival hospitals.

Adoption of new technological changes such as such as x-ray machinesto evaluate patients is a huge advancement. This will help locate andidentify types of fractures to prevent further complications ofathletes at a later stage in life. New machines also help offertherapeutic health to athletes such as massages and fitness spurs.

Technological advancements could also involve in enrolment withdifferent health insurance firms to enable different people to getaccommodated into the facility. Trainers and medical staffs shouldalso be on the forefront of technological advancements throughlearning easier and more convenient medical procedures to facilitatefaster healing and longer lasting healing effects (Madden &ampNetter, 2010).

The second opportunity in sports medicine program is minimizingdominant competition through letting the world know the kind ofservices you offer. This can be enhanced through large marketingcampaigns and promotions to create awareness and young people, inparticular, to get them enrolled in the health and fitness program.Greater success can be achieved through social media marketing wherethe young people have dominated. The health facility can also sendmarketing representatives to schools in the Austin area ofjurisdiction.

It is of vital importance to explore newer markets in other areasbeyond Austin. This will increase the clientele base by enrollingmore people into the health and fitness program. Due to the poo lingof resources and economies of scale, the health facility willincrease her profits and thereby enable the diversification ofactivities.

Orthopedics is a broad field dealing with the musculoskeletal system.It is a great privilege to have a hospital with this wing. Thecommunity is relieved from traumatic injuries such as chronic jointpains. Patients who incur joint injuries from various sports also getrequired attention and therapies enabling them to regain theirhealth. It is widely known that the old and the sick are a burden tothe society since they don’t add any economic advantage. Therefore,a healthy community is a working community that has more per capitaincome enabling development. As much as sports medicine being amilestone in health and fitness, it is also an employment providerfor the society. This wing in a hospital needs employees who arederived from the community. Such employees include therapists andcleaners as well as tissue specialists (Madden &amp Netter, 2010).

Future alternatives for St. David’s Round Rock Medical Centreinclude reputation and cost advantage programs. Building a goodreputation among the hospital and her stakeholders through publicrelations is an important strategy to maintain clients. Reduction ofcost is the biggest strategy to ensure the facility attains areferral status among her competitors.


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