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Healthcare Informatics Abstract



Healthcareprovision is an important function of any country’s government. Thegovernment ensures that the people it serves receive the requiredhealthcare services. These services should be accessible to allcitizens and should be of high quality. Health insurance is acritical area that a government ought to address. This articleexamines the role of the government when it comes to the provision ofhealthcare and issues that it needs to address about healthinsurance.

Therole of the government in healthcare and it impact on healthcareorganizations

Itis the government’s responsibility to provide funds for thehealthcare industry and set regulations. The healthcare industry hasboth the public and private sectors. Government involvement ensuresthat there is an interaction between the two sectors for the greatergood of the public. The government is involved in the promotion ofinnovations in healthcare and ensuring the sustainability of theindustry (Stribley, Egbuonu, and Fritz, nd).

Howhealth insurance impact healthcare delivery.

Healthinsurance enables one access healthcare that would otherwise beexpensive when paid for in cash. It thus makes it possible to deliverquality and affordable healthcare to all. All one needs is to makecontributions towards the health scheme.

TheAffordable Care Act (ACA) is an insurance act, by the government,that facilitates access to healthcare through extensive coverage ofcitizens. The act facilitates the delivery of quality, low costhealthcare efficiently. This act will bring positive change inhealthcare delivery (StrategicGoal 1, nd).

Waysto reduce the number of individuals uninsured and costs whilemaximizing on quality and access to healthcare services.

Toreduce the number of individuals uninsured, the cost of healthcareneeds to reduce. More money needs to go into ensuring hospitals arewell equipped to maximize the quality of healthcare. More healthcarefacilities also need to be put up to maximize peoples’ access tohealthcare. The government should subsidize medical costs to minimizecosts of health services.

Thegovernment is trying to make healthcare better through the AffordableCare Act in every state which ensures that the number of uninsuredpeople decreases. The ACA makes health insurance more secure andaffordable to all people, hence quality access and workable costs aremaintained (Forumon Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Catastrophic EventsBoard on Health Sciences Policy Board on Healthcare ServicesInstitute of Medicine, 2014).


Providingaffordable and quality healthcare services to all citizens should bethe priority of any government. The wellbeing of a nation and itsworkforce are heavily dependent on the quality of healthcare that thecitizens can access.


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