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Dentalapsis is a frequent infection of the teeth. It is caused by bacterialagents that infect the pulp and soft tissues inside the root canal.This results in inflammation of the pulp tissue and if left untreatedcan cause severe pain to the victim. It is thus important that peopleshould observe basic oral hygiene. The selected article for thisassignment was “Dentalabscess: A microbiological review” byShweta and Krishna Prakash.


Thisjournal seeks to explore some of the risk factors and epidemiologyassociated dental abscess. Additionally, it mentions causative agentsfor abscess such as microbials. There is a detailed microbialanalysis used to diagnose related infections and issues relating toantimicrobial resistance is also discussed. In their investigationon how tooth apsis affects the surrounding structures, the authorsmostly rely on qualitative research methodology. They use scholarlyresearch journals to support their findings.

Additionally,Shweta and Krishna Prakash also rely on diagnostic techniques such asmicrobial culturing. Samples were also collected from studyparticipants to examine for the presence of microbials such asanaerobic cocci like Prevotella, Fusobacterium species. There wasalso the examination of laboratory specimen to detect the presence offacultative anaerobes like viridans group streptococci and theStreptococcus anginosus.

Accordingto the Journal, dental apsis position substantial burden on thehealth care system, communities and the individual. In thiscondition, the areas around the root of the tooth are usuallyinfected, and an individual may or may not feel pain. The infectioncauses the soft tissue inside the root canal of the tooth to die andbecome inflamed if appropriate medical interventions are not applied.One of the symptoms of a dental apsis infection is an ache in thebone around the tooth. The article recommends the use metronidazole,clindamycin, and macrolides to manage dental apsis. Additionally, thedentist can also prescribe cephalosporin and penicillin.


Itis evident that dental apsis is a serious condition and individualsdiagnosed with the infection should seek proper medical attentionfrom dentists. Shweta and Krishna Prakash state that dental apsisaffects soft tissue inside the root canal of the tooth and is causedby microbials such as anaerobic cocci like Prevotella andFusobacterium species.


Shweta,S. (2013). Dental abscess: A microbiological review.&nbspDentalresearch journal,&nbsp10(5),585.