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Historical Accuracy and the LACCD Chancellor

HistoricalAccuracy and the LACCD Chancellor


  1. What is historically incorrect

TheChancellor says that the ocean crossing of the 102 pilgrims on theMayflower took place in 1602. This is historically inaccurate sinceaccording to Lassieur (2012),thatevent took place in the year 1620 and not 1602 as the chancellor hasstated in his Thanksgiving speech.

Inaddition, the Chancellor says that there are no records of the dinnermenu in the first Thanksgiving, but there are several sources thatcan be found stating that the list involved pumpkins, potatoes, fish,fruits and vegetables and turkey.

Anotherhistorically incorrect statement is when he Chancellor says that theship docked at Cape Cod because it missed its intended mark at themouth of River Hudson to the south. The truth is that the pilgrimswanted to go to the Colony of Virginia. However, strong winter seasmade them to return to Cape Cod, further north of their intendeddestination.

  1. What is missing

Hefails to mention that at the initial stages of the journey, therewere two ships, the Mayflower,andtheSpeedwell.However, Speedwellencounteredproblems and had to be abandoned.

Thechancellor mentions that the pilgrims on the Mayflowerwerereligious separatists but fails to be more specific and refer to themas Protestant separatists.

Hesays that Squanto taught the settlers how to farm, fish and escapepoisonous plants but he fails to mention that Squanto also acted astheir interpreter and guide

Healso forgets to mention that the Pilgrims stole corn from the localsand looted and desecrated their stores and graves. This causedfrictions with the locals.


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