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History History



1.The document is a primary government record. The document representsthe first speech that was delivered by the first president of theUnited States, George Washington. The president delivered the speechto members of Congress at the Federal Hall (Lillian Goldman LawLibrary, 2008).

2.President George Washington wrote and presented the document. Hepresented the document to the members of Congress after taking theoath of office. In his speech, he explained the honor of being chosenas the president of the United States.

3.The intended audience comprises the members of the United StatesCongress. The speech was delivered in the Senate chambers, at theFederal Hall that was initially known as the City Hall of New York(Lillian Goldman Law Library, 2008). The document is developed andpresented in a formal manner and at a formal state event. Theaudience comprises political leaders who make laws. They, therefore,have at least a high school education level.

4.The story line is an acceptance speech to lead the United States.George Washington appreciates the opportunity that the Americanpeople gave him to lead the country as their president.

5.The document was written to appreciate the democratic values of theUnited States and free government that respects the rights of allpeople. The document is a public record because it was presented tothe members of the Senate and the political leaders in the House ofRepresentatives. The document is emotionally appealing andpersuasive. This is because it encourages American leaders to supportthe concept of order and right in the society.

6.The basic assumption in the document is that the Supreme Being, God,is responsible for guiding the human race. The activities of theAmerican leaders should adhere to the freedoms provided by nature.God favored the American people by giving them the opportunity todialogue and form the unity government (Lillian Goldman Law Library,2008).

7.This document is believable and can be trusted. This is because ithas been developed and presented at the highest levels of the UnitedStates government. The document was developed by the presidency anddelivered to the Congress members. However, the author has a biastowards religion. President Washington believes that God controls theuniverse and has provided America with a government that ensures thehappiness of all citizens (Lillian Goldman Law Library, 2008). Theauthor has not explained the challenges of managing the Americangovernment for example, creating consensus or agreement among peoplewith diverse opinions.

8.The document provides information about the political system of theUnited States. The country is managed by a government. The governmentoperates through the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary(Lillian Goldman Law Library, 2008). The executive is led by anelected leader, President Washington. The legislature comprisesmembers of the Congress who make laws. The judiciary ensures thatpeople and organizations adhere to the laws of the country. Thecultural information reveals that America is a diverse and religiouscountry. The unity government ensures happiness, freedoms, and rightsof all people. The political leaders believe that God enables them tomanage the country in truth and order.


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