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“Fate is what you are given.Destiny is what you make of it.” This quote is one of the mainhighlights of meaning in the novel “Holes”by Louis Sachar. The book tells about Stanley Yelnats, a good boyfrom a family that has had the curse of bad luck from more than ahundred years ago. Stanley was sent to Camp Green Lake by a confusionand perhaps fate he met people who are related to the curse of hisfamily. He has overcome many difficult situations which seemedhopeless. Stanley from a fat young boy, prone to bullying has becomea strong boy and brave. Through his intelligence, Stanley finds KateBarlow’s treasure buried hundreds of years ago, which the Warden’sfamily searched for their entire lives. Everything happened as thehand of fate has arranged, but the characteristics of the charactersin the story took them to a different destiny. Stanley, an innocentboy with a good heart, broke his family’s curse by his loyalty,courage, and wisdom whereas the Warden, a woman who was greedy, crueland liar, was unable to break the curse of her family.

Stanley is kindhearted and hasnever been mean to people while the Warden is a master of cruel.Stanley’s kindness is evident when he helped his mate Zero withreading lessons without expecting any return. At home, Stanley`skindness is depicted when he takes smelly sneakers home to help hisfather’s invention. Ms. Walker (The Warden) on the other hand hasmastered the art of cruelty. From the onset of their arrival, theWarden was mean to the boys and e r only concern is for them to digholes. Despite life being tough from the first day at the camp,Stanley is thoughtful enough to assure his mother he is fine througha letter. Meanwhile, the Warden has no interest in the boys’welfare whatsoever. Being an adult in the camp would mean shesupports the boys in their everyday activity. However, she has nointerest in whatever is happening in the camp, apart from thetreasure lying on the dry ground. When Zero escaped from the camp,the Warden destroys all his files to wipe out records of him beingthere. She selfishly does this to avoid halting of the treasure hunt.Stanley on the other hand, Stanley reaches out to search for Zero. Hedisregards the danger of going to look for Zero since he is aselfless character who puts others first. The Warden can also betermed as a villainous and dangerous woman. To get the children tofear her and work harder, she threatens to scratch wrong-doers withher nails which are polished in rattlesnake poison. Stanley, however,is a reassuring person who offers comfort and support to people.Stanley is perceptive and when he arrives at Camp Green Lake andinstead of using force he follows the rules.

In contrast, Stanley and theWarden have a few things in common. When writing his first letter tohis mother, Stanley lied about the situation at the camp being good.In her part, the Warden lies about the reason behind the holes andtries to clear Zero’s presence in the camp. Notably, though,Stanley was later honest in his second letter. The other similaritywould be the fact that both are under a family curse. Additionally,they both can be referred to as cunning. This is because Stanleyseemed to have an idea on the whereabouts of the treasure but doesnot offer any information to the Warden.

Towards the end of the story,Stanley’s character leads to breaking of his family curse throughhis friend Zero. His kindness and friendliness brings him goodfortune and frees him from the curse. The Warden, however, getsnothing but troubles and remains doomed by her curse.