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Hopes and Dreams in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian

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Hopesand Dreams in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian is a book thathas often been accused of having controversial themes and characters.However, Sherman Alexie, who is the author of the book, wanted tocover other educative topics that might guide the students in theireducation. For instance, the way Junior moves from the Reservation toa better school while overcoming various challenges showsdetermination. Hence, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-timeIndian is a useful book for students in ENG 093, because it urgesthem to have hope, seek their dreams and use education as a platformto succeed in life.

The story reveals how Junior has the hopes and dreams of moving outof the reservations and making his life great again. He knows thatthe reservation has schools that do not have the right facilities toteach the students so he hopes that he might get more improved ones.In fact, when Mr. P motivates him to join Reardan High School, hedoes not hesitate, and he knows that it offers the right educationthat will push him into being a better person. He overcomes thenegativity in the reservation and how his friends such as Rowdydiscourage him from joining a school that is dominated by the Whitepeople. Instead, he seeks his dream since he wants to improve hislife. Junior even insists that “I know my mother and father hadtheir dreams when they were kids. They dreamed about being somethingother than poor, but they never got the chance to be anything becausenobody paid attention to their dreams” (Sherman, p.11). Thestatements reveal the passion he had, and how he wants to achieve allthe dreams he had. When he gets a chance to join the school, he doesnot hesitate since he knows that he will not have another opportunitylike that again.

In some cases, the book has been accused of looking at encouragingviolence, racism, and bullying however, the book still has morerelevant things to offer. For instance, reveals how Junior throws abook at Mr. P and that was rude and might encourage the students touse the same approaches (Sherman, p.35). It also reveals how Junioruses violence to counter Roger that had bullied him earlier. Thescenario might even urge the readers to use such methods incountering the bullies. The intimidation that Junior undergoes in theschool might also encourage racism since they despise him because ofhis skin color (Sherman, p.63). Regardless of the few aspects thatmight have a negative impact on the students, the book has a lot tooffer. More importantly, the book even motivates people from the poorbackgrounds to use education as a tool to succeed and help theirfamilies. At times, poverty might blind students from success andmake them believe that they do not have a bright future. However,education will provide a platform where they can change their livesand seek employment or other ways that will improve theirsocio-economic status.

In conclusion, the book offers students the hopes and dreams tosucceed and reminds them that education will improve their lives.More specifically, life in the reservation was not that great sinceJunior and his family faced multiple challenges. However, the samescenario motivated him to have hopes of succeeding, and he knew thathe would be able to succeed in life if he used education. Hence,students can use the same passion to achieve the goals they have inlife.

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