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Horse Handling Clinic

HorseHandling Clinic

HorseHandling Clinic

Ifyou asked me if I could ride a horse before the fall of 2016semester, I would have gladly deviated from the topic and gave anexcuse. The class for fall of 2016 has brought me closer to horses,and I have learned a lot in the area of handling animals. Learninghow to groom and track horses has been fun and captivating. I havenot only understood how to relate with a horse in the field but alsoto listen to the language that nature speaks. In this class, I havelearned the process of grooming and tacking a horse. Grooming thehorse involves brushing it before tacking. This allows for theremoval of dirt that would burden sores and cause friction on thehorse`s skin. Therefore, this paper will present a reflection of thelessons I attended during the fall of 2016 semester.

Groomingthe horse also involves cleaning the hooves with a hoof pick. Thisassists to ensure that the horse’s shoes are intact and tight.Grooming also includes checking the horse for any swelling or injury.This allows better care for the horse against injuries. Tackingcovers the process of saddling up the horse. This goes further toinclude the placing of a saddle, saddle pad, stirrups, bridle, and amartingale on the horse. Learning how to groom and tack the wasfascinating and helped me know horse riding. At the end of the class,I was more than able to take care of an animal and prepare itcorrectly before riding. Moreover, the class has taught me skills ofnoticing and identifying when the horse is uneasy or distressed. Iwould reiterate that the horses were nice to me regardless of thereason that this would sound like an over exaggeration of theexperience. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that the class had asignificant impact on my life as well as the ability to groom, tack,and rides a horse.

Ienjoyed learning how to ride the horse with the help of strong,friendly horses, Misty and Magic. I got to know the standing track,sitting track and posting the track. I liked Misty because of herability to turn quickly. Therefore, I did not need to use muchstrength in directing her to turn at any point on the track. On theother hand, Magic was quite commendable in his ability to run. Hisimmense energy made it easy for me to put less effort in making himrun fast on the standing track. In my experience, I loved the postingtrack the most because it formed the place where I learned how tofind the rhythm in moving with the horse. As the horse springsfiercely from the starting point, I am able to find a proper rhythmwith the horse and move with it through the track. Despite theachievements of the class, I experienced a number of challenges. Aparticular one involved the horses not listening to me. At times, thehorses would run when not asked, which would create an unsafeenvironment. When horses ignore instructions, the riders are at riskbecause they can cause an accident.

Thehorse is considered a friendly animal to man making it simpler tolearn horse riding. Prior to enrolling for this class, I had a phobiafor most animals including the ones that individuals use as pets intheir homes. The class required courage to complete and acquirelessons as well as practical skills. I am now confident that theknowledge and skills I obtained from this class will help buildcourage as well as concern for most animals. The class for fall 2016semester was fascinating and also challenging. I would not mind arepeat one because the lessons were valuable and vital.

Inconclusion, this paper presented my reflections on the class for fall2016 semester. The class covered horse riding, and the lessons wereevident at the end. I overcame the challenges experienced during theclass and managed to instruct the horses appropriately. This improvedmy ability to control the horses. The class had real significance inmy life. It did not only act on my fear of riding but also helpeddeveloped the love and understanding of animals and nature. Horsesare friendly and an individual enjoys interacting with them when helearns the skills needed to ride one.