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How does sociology contribute to death

Howdoes sociology contribute to death

Werealize that many social problems remain to be one of the main causesof death and many of them are yet to be adequately addressed.Correspondingly, these problems end up being interlinked with someleading causes of death in the country. Some of these problemsinclude individual poverty, racial segregation, income inequality,low social support and as well as the low level of education.Notably, these social problems lead to a high mortality rate becausethey affect the daily lives of people. As such, they end up being themajor roots of all the causes of death.

Criticallyassessing racial segregation, we realize that when people areracially segregated, some may not be able to access the basic socialamenities such as hospital, food, education, and proper housing. As aresult, this affects the victims’ daily living standards, and hencethey are exposed to a risk of contracting diseases. Also, economicdisparities are higher, accompanied by low social support forcommunities that live in towns, especially when black children arethe majority.

Unlikein the recent past where diseases and accidents exclusively causeddeath, social problems such as drug abuse have turned out to be amajor cause. Notably, when we critically look at poverty and lowsocial support, we realize that they are both interconnected. Whenindividuals live in poverty and are not mentored and supported by thesociety, they tend to look for solace in drugs. Consequently, theyend up becoming drug addicts who engage in unhealthy behavior andmore dangerous adventures such as unprotected sex and orgies.

Similarly,due to poverty, people are not able to access good health services aswell as quality care. As a result, they do not afford to go forregular screening to identify what they are suffering from. In mostcases, this has led to undetected health issues and a resultant surgein death cases recorded.

Inconclusion, it is evident that social problems are the primary causeof death, besides accidents and diseases. Therefore, there is anurgent need to control some of these social issues such as racialsegregation, poverty, and income inequality, in a bid to reduce deathcases.