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How the Birth of my Daughter changed my Life

Howthe Birth of my Daughter changed my Life

Howthe Birth of my Daughter changed my Life

Theexpectation of a child is usually accompanied by tension and afeeling of uncertainty on how to handle the newborn. I was not averseto the feeling, and I can vividly remember how I anticipated thebirth of my first child with a mixed feeling of happiness andanxiety. However, I had learned alert from my friends about thechallenges faced by first-time mothers and the happiness thatshadowed them. When I heard the shrieking cry of my daughterimmediately after delivery on May 26, 2003, I knew that my life wouldnot be the same again.


Ispent a couple of days at the hospital before going home, andimmediately I stepped into the house, I commenced the duties of amother. Before her birth, I was not used to fussing around people. Mydaughter altered my behavior because I had to pay attention toeverything she did from the way she moved her little pink fingers tothe way she breathed. As a first time mother, I did not want anythingunfortunate to happen to my daughter. My life rapidly transformedfrom self-attention to being focused on my daughter.

Initially,I was used to having a very irregular schedule I did not have astipulated time for taking super or breakfast as well as cleaning.Sometimes, I would work late into the night and wake up late when Ihad nothing to attend to. After the angelic girl had come into mylife, it dawned on me that I had to have a definite and predictableschedule for the sake of the baby. For example, I had to breastfeedher around eight in the morning before putting her back to bed.

Aftersix months, she had grown to a bouncing baby girl who had arecommendable appetite for her formula. Her eating habits alsoaffected me positively. Initially, I did not have a regular eatingschedule, but with the baby, I began eating at least three times aday. Additionally, I found it tiresome to cook in the house, and mytight schedule led me to consider taking my food in the eateries.

Thebirth of my daughter also changed my social life positively andstrengthened my relationship with my family. I began seeing myparents more often as they would request meeting their granddaughter.I also gained new friends who were also bringing up their youngchildren. I met most of them during health workshops organized foryoung mothers we started communicating regularly.

Thenature of the relationships also changed. Initially, my socialcircles did not have many serious things to discuss beyond going out,attending parties and turning up for launches. My new acquaintanceswere more focused in life, and they introduced me to constructivediscussions involving the future of our children, career development,and investment. Although I could have found such groups even beforethe birth of my mother, the birth of my daughter triggered me to bemore focused.


Conclusively,my daughter is now 13 years old, and I am proud to be the person whohas seen her grown from and infant to an adolescent who is full oflife and vigor. My responsibility has also changed from taking careof her physical needs to become a friend and an adviser. She is nowmore independent, and as a mother, I strive to be the modest rolemodel for her.