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How to Prevent Diabetes Outline

Howto Prevent Diabetes


  1. Type 1 diabetes

  1. Statistics show that 5% of individuals with cancer have this type of diabetes.

  2. It is mostly diagnosed in small children.

  1. Type 2 diabetes

  1. It is more common compared to type 1 diabetes

  2. It is mostly diagnosed in adults of 40 years and above.

  1. The objective of this research is to give the various ways these two diseases could be prevented.


  1. Type 1 diabetes

  1. The preventive measures are yet to be known.

  2. Experts advise people to go for medical checkups and ensuring that their glucose level is at the targeted rate.

  1. Type 2 diabetes

  1. Carrying out frequent physical exercises.

  2. Practicing healthy living.

  3. People should quit or avoid smoking since it is a leading cause of the disease.

  4. People should also eat whole grains for they help regulate sugar levels.


  1. Restatement of the thesis statement

  2. The summary of the research is given

Type1 diabetes is rare and studies show that of all the people withdiabetes, only 5% of them have this disease. It is important to notethat the disease is mostly diagnosed in small children, teenagers andyoung adults. The body fails to produce insulin, which is the hormonethat absorbs glucose from the bloodstreams into the body. Glucose inthe body is essential since it provides energy. Studies show that themain reason the body fails to produce insulin is because of theoveractive immune system (Fuhrman 4). On the other hand, type 2diabetes is more common than type 1, and it mainly affectsindividuals over the age of forty. Furthermore, statistics show that25% of people with this kind of diabetes are of South Asian descent.This disease comes as a result of high levels of blood glucose in thebody since insulin is insufficient. The objective of this research isto give the various ways these two diseases could be prevented.

PreventionMeasures: Type 1 Diabetes

Numerousresearch claims that the prevention measures for this type ofdiabetes is still yet to be known since it is not common. However,some experts have come up with some advice that many have foundhelpful. To begin with, clinical officers advise people experiencingearly symptoms to seek regular medical checkups to know their bloodsugar levels. This is essential because this disease is caused byinsufficient insulin in the body (Fuhrman 4). Checkups will assist indetecting early symptoms, and the conditions may be dealt with at anearly stage. Apart from this, another way people can help reduce therisk of getting the disease is by ensuring that their glucose levelsare in the targeted range. If not, they may end up getting thedisease, and this will hinder their day to day activities.

Type2 Diabetes

Thedisease is much more common than type 1 and affects people of allages. However, statistics show that it majorly affects adults offorty years and above. The symptoms of this disease may lead to thepatients contracting other diseases and patients are advised to bevery cautious when they start experiencing the signs and symptoms.Undertaking regular exercises can help individuals reduce sugarlevels in their blood, lose weight and enhance their insulinresulting in diabetes control. Furthermore, to whole grains such ascereals, bread, and pasta assist people to maintain their blood sugarrates.

ClinicalOfficers advise people who smoke to quit because it is a leadingcause of diabetes and may also cause other respiratory problems(Fuhrman 5). Also, having a balanced diet every day is important.This is because an individual keeps fit and healthy. The probabilityof such individuals getting the disease is close to zero. In additionto this, it is important for those patients with other ailments suchas high blood pressure along diabetes to seek treatment. This isbecause more harm is being brought to the body and failure to dealwith them will only make the situation worse.


Inconclusion, both of these diseases have similar symptoms and arecaused by the insufficient insulin in the body. However, type 2diabetes affects adults over forty years and is more common comparedto type 1 diabetes. These diseases can be treated through injectionof insulin into the body of the patients. Insulin will absorb glucosefrom the bloodstream and generate energy for the whole body. Thiswill, in turn, make one energetic and carry out their day to dayactivities. Also, healthy eating and regular is advised.


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