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Human Impacts on the Rainforest-Past and Present

HumanImpacts on the Rainforest-Past and Present

Directions:For each time frame below, provide the amount of trees per acreand rate of destruction (or improvement if that is the case). Fill inthe remaining portions of the chart. Be sure to include at leastthree academic sources (please do not use blogs or Wikipedia). Formaximum points, include detailed information, include units, andinclude citations.


20 Years Ago

10 Years Ago

Present Condition

Reasons for decline (ex: agriculture, logging, mining, ranching, urbanization, etc.)

Animals affected by deforestation and current plans to improve numbers

Amazon Rainforest

In the year 1996, the Amazon rainforest recorded the highest amount of trees per acre that were destroyed. It was observed that 30000 acres of forest was destroyed.

The year 2006 recorded slightly lower levels of deforestation. An approximation of 15000 acres of forest had been destroyed. This was half of the land forest that was destroyed in 1996.

The present condition shows that the rate of deforestation is decreasing gradually. It is approximated that 5000 acres of the Amazon rainforest has been cleared at the present. The amount of land that has been cleared is less compared to 1990’s (Rhett, 2016).

Some of the reasons for the decline in the rate of deforestation include Green peace campaign. The campaign ensured that the government of Brazil restricted forest clearing for soy. Besides, since 2006 the government established a network of restricted areas. Finally, the logging, mining and ranching sector have improvised mechanisms that meet consumer demands without damaging the forests.

The animals that have been affected by deforestation include jaguar, tambopata, Brazilian Tapir and the Borugo. The current strategies that have been put across to protect the animals include establishing networks on the restricted areas which are monitored and safeguarded.

Australian Rainforest

In 1990’s the total area covered by forest was 167,904,000 acres.

In 2005, the total area covered by forest was 163,678,000

Currently, approximately 5,233,000 acres of land is occupied by forest.

Reasons for decline include timber harvesting, farming, and grazing (Rod, 2012).

The animals that have been affected include the Koalas, feral cats, foxes and cats. The government has come up with policies to ensure that the extinct species are protected.

Congo Rainforest

In around 1996, the total land occupied by land was 367000 acres (Butler, 2013).

In 2006, the total area occupied by forest was 201000 acres

Currently, the total land occupied by forest is 32800

The reason for decline includes industrial palm oil expansion, logging, and farming.

The major species that has been endangered is the elephant. The animals are vanishing because they have no place to reside. The plans to improve the numbers of the endangered species are by enforcing strict rules to the offenders.

Nowthat you are aware of the issues, what are some things you can do asa consumer to help preserve the rainforest? Provide at least twoexamples and use complete sentences.

Consumerscan use alternative sources of energy instead of clearing forests forfirewood. For example, use of homemade charcoal as a source of fuel.

Rainforestscan be preserved if consumers engage in another form of commercialactivities instead of poaching. For example, individuals can start upa business that can sustain their needs.

Whatare two ways you can help raise awareness for a species that hasbecome endangered due to deforestation? Use complete sentences.

Oneof the ways of raising awareness about endangered species is througheducating the community about the endangered species and theirsignificance to the ecosystem. Besides, awareness can be created byorganizing events that are related to conservation of the endangeredspecies.


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