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Human Resource Management Apple Case Study

HumanResource Management: Apple Case Study

HumanResource Management: Apple Case Study


Apple Human Resource Management

Thesis:Apple Company has been able to achieve tremendous growth in itsoperations through its effective team of human resource that works bybuilding a favourable workplace for employees and by forging towardsthe attainment of the set business strategies.

  1. General description of HR

  2. Thesis

  1. Background analysis

  1. Apple Organisation overview

  2. History of Apple

  3. Product and services

  4. Competition

  1. Business strategy for Apple

  1. Generic strategy

  2. Intensive growth strategy

  1. Human resource Role towards apple business strategy

  1. Employment and retention

  2. Training of employees

  1. Apple human resource role that help in attainment of set business strategies

  1. Economic rewards to motivate and retain workers

  2. Team management that drives innovation

  1. Recommendation

  1. Apple company needs to dwell on product development strategy and market penetration strategy to outdo competitors

  1. Conclusion

  1. Thesis restatement

  2. of arguments

Afirm cannot establish an effective team of working professionalswithout a team of human resource dedicated to ensuring thatemployees’ needs are met. The human resource department in manyfirms emphasizes on the hiring, management, and provision ofdirection for the employees. All the activities in a business thatare touched by employees are under the human resource department.Thus its members offer training, coaching, management advice,administrative services and talent management that the entire companyneeds to succeed in its operations. Large numbers of human resourcedepartments are in charge of the firm’s development that results inthe company`s culture. In that, they are responsible for overseeingthe activities of the firm to make sure that the companyappropriately establishes teams and inspires worker empowerment.Moreover, the human resource department may extend its role toinclude workers and community outreach where they are mentored tophilanthropic giving among other engagement activities. Apple Companyhas been able to achieve tremendous growth in its operations throughits competent team of human resource that works by building adesirable workplace for employees and by forging towards theattainment of the set business strategies.


AppleInc. is a well-established software and hardware company that is wellknown for its versatile personal computers and smartphones that havebeen designed through an innovative strategy that perceives the needsof the clients. Apple Company operates via various geographicalregions, which include Japan, Greater China, Europe, America, andAsia Pacific with the America segment comprised of both South andNorth America (Cascio, 2014). The Greater China segment is comprisedof Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China while the Europe segment comprises ofMiddle East, India, Africa, and European nations. The chief executiveofficer of the company is Tim Cook and it has employed around onehundred and sixteen thousand employees.


Applefirm was first established by the late Steven Jobs along with hislong-time friend Stephen Wozniak as they had been mates from highschool and later part of a computer club at the university that meetto deliberate on the Altair 8800 personal computer of that era.Wozniak had designed his personal computer that he presented to HPthat turned down his idea forcing him to work with Jobs to design andmanufacture personal computers from their garage, which later turnedout to be a successful endeavour. By 1977, both of them had managedto invent the personal computer with an outer plastic case, and threeyears later, they had grown to include more than one thousandemployees (Chan, Pun, &amp Selden, 2013). Later, Steve Jobs left thefirm but later returned in 1997 after a succession of CEO’s who hadfailed to bring profitability into the company as a result of theirstrategies. His return was marked by increased returns andprofitability of the firm, and in 2007, the firm was renamed AppleInc.

Productsand Services

Applecompany products are made up of Apple TV, Mac, tablets, iPhones,iPad, iWatches and personal computers among many others. So far, thecompany has designed various products like music players, operatingsystems software, and other innovative products that have done wellin today’s highly competitive market. The iOS App store is one ofthe firm`s products that has driven profits into the organizationsince its establishment July 2008 considering that the number ofdownloads is ever increasing. Today, the number one innovation of thecompany is the Apple store company experience, which has led to thegreat transformation in the perception of clients and disrupted theconcept of shopping and stores for majority of retailers (Schuler &ampJackson, 2014).


Basedon the market segmentation, Apple main competitors include Google,Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung considering that all these firms arelocated in the technology market. Samsung has been the greatestcompetitor of Apple Company in the smartphone industry consideringthat it develops phones running on Android while Apple develops thoserunning on iOS (Gunnigle, Lavelle, &amp Monaghan, 2013). SinceGoogle is the developer of Android operating systems, it also posesas a competitor for Apple in the smartphone development segment ofthe market. In the computer operating system segment of the market,Microsoft poses as one of the Apple’s main competitor that hasundergone challenges because of the drop in the personal computerdemand.


Applecompany generic strategies in addition to the massive growth strategyhave a direct relation to the firm’s pricing and marketingstrategies, which have helped to drive sales and increase revenue.The firm generic strategy is referred to as broad differentiationthat mainly dwells on the efforts of the company to differentiate itsgoods from those of its competitors. For instance, the firm dwells onan elegant, slim design that is combined with increased userexperience and advanced branding of the goods. Product development isused as the core intensive strategy for expansion considering thatthe company concentrates on offering attractive goods that help toexpand its market share (Jackson, Schuler, &amp Jiang, 2014). Thefirm aims at attaining intensive growth strategy via innovation inthe manner it undertakes research and develops its products. Marketpenetration is also used as the other intensive strategy that dwellson commanding a larger market share through the sale of a majority ofits products. Additionally, the firm used market development as astrategy where it aims at creating new markets for the newlydeveloped products, thus establishing its presence in a new market.Premium pricing is the key strategy used considering that, thecompany does not believe in competing with other goods from otherfirms regarding prices thus the goods are priced as inspirationalitems.

HumanResource Role in Contributing To the Business Strategy

Thehuman resource department for Apple Company has various rolesconsidering that they are tasked with the responsibility offormulating strategies that aim at employing and retainingexperienced workers in addition to managing projects that enhance theproductivity of the organization. In Apple Company, the humanresource department carries out training and development of employeesas a way of improving the quality of services and experience thatcustomers receive (Marler &amp Fisher, 2013). For example, the humanresource department developed the supplier employee education anddevelopment program where classes are established in supplierfacilities. Employee acquisition is also a vital task of the humanresource management considering that qualified applicants need to beselected who will be able to assist in attaining the set strategicgoals. Moreover, the HR department ensures the employees are retainedin the organization to facilitate the realization of the set businessstrategies since low employee turnover is one of the indicators forsuccess in a firm.

HumanResource Strategy That Help To Attain Business Strategy

Maintainingand the management of great talents is one of the important humanresource strategies that helps Apple Company to attain the setbusiness strategies. Recruitment is perceived as the key to successin the firm considering that the HR only hires employees who arehardworking and committed towards the set strategic goals. Duringvarious instances, apple has been accused of pirate raiding thatinvolves targeting and employing workers from other organizations(Buller, &amp McEvoy, 2012). The Economic reward is the mainretention strategy that the company uses to ensure experiencedworkers do not exist since they are given stock grants if theircontribution to the firm is big. The human resource department workswith teams of employees that are created to dwell on the availableprojects and to present their results every two weeks. To encouragecompetition, more than one team is assigned to single project afterwhich they report what they have done in meetings.


AppleCompany has been able to achieve success for a long time despite thehighly competitive market, and the achievements can mainly beattributed to the innovative strategy adopted and the low employeeturnover. In designing new products, the company aims at maximizinguser experience and developing goods based on the perceived needs ofthe consumers. Developing of such innovative goods centered on userexperience has been made possible by the effective employee retentionstrategies. However, the firm needs to put more effort in its marketdevelopment and penetration to enhance the resilience against fiercecompetitors like Samsung. Various new markets that have not beentapped have the potential of increasing the firm’s sales, thusleading to increased returns especially countries that show inincrease in middle-income economies.


Inconclusion, human resource department is essential in everyorganization as it ensures employees are working in a conduciveenvironment that promotes the attainment of the set businessstrategies. Apple Company has excelled in the market because of thediverse role played by its human resource department from employees’recruitment to employee retention to offering training among others.Apple has various business strategies that have helped to drive insales that include generic strategies, price strategy, marketingstrategy, and promotion strategy among others. However, the role ofHR department is transforming from ensuring the organization is wellmanaged to a corporate level where it also takes part in the settingof the strategic goals and reasoning out their viability.


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