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Hunting and Wildlife Population Control

Huntingand Wildlife Population Control

Theearth has been endowed with a lot of resources including, wildlife,which in some instances has conflicted with humans. This has been asa result of a natural cycle of life where nature provides surplusanimals to compensate for the loss of species. It has thereforebecome necessary that population is controlled as animal numbers willincrease to uncontrollable levels leading to habitat abuse,eventually and starvation and death(American Humane n.d).This will make it possible to preserve and avoid human-wildlifeconflict as game reserves and ranchers will be able to control thelevel of food that is needed by the particular population. Forinstance, balancing deer population with the amount of fodder toensure that the food available is sufficient for the population tosustain good health and welfare.

Moreover,population control involves taking care of endangered species andmonitoring their numbers by ensuring that they are always counted bythe use of aerial counting and other methods. This is where speciesare supported to reproduce or protected from poachers or game hunterswith a purpose to save and introduce them into an appropriateenvironment. Thus,wildlife population control has become essential as it helps managethe level of wildlife population through protecting endangeredspecies, the welfare of animals, and avoiding human-wildlifeconflict.

Thereare various methods that have been adopted to control wildlife onebeing shooting. This is where live ammunition is used to controlwildlife population. This method has been restricted and is used ifother methods of control have failed and where the immediate removalof that problematic animal or wildlife is necessary. FAA and USDAsupport that the use of live ammunition to kill as an effectivepractice to control wildlife numbers.(South Texas Wildlife Management,n.d). Shooting has been adopted where there is a need to scare birds,bears, or deer near the airport by utilization of visual and audiorepellant techniques.

Overthe years, some animals such as deer have increased in numbers andhave even strayed to cities and people’s residences. As a result,hunters are trained so as to help in the reduction of the wildlifenumbers. Hunting has been used as a form of wildlife populationcontrol for a long time and has gained fame over the years. To ensurethat this form of population control method is effective and safe,hunters should receive a state permit that allows them to legallyparticipate in hunting, which in states such as Illinois is doneevery year for deer population control(University of Illinois, 2016).Apart from hunting as a form of population control, it has also bencategorized as a method of recreation and has had a lot of fans.Currently, tourists who are hunters travel to different parts of theworld to participate in game hunting as a recreation activity and asa form of population control.

Huntingwildlife may not provide permanent and immediate solutions towildlife-human conflicts and overpopulation in the wild, but it hasbeen recognized as a long-term remedy for population control. Huntinghas also been used to disperse animals from places that they areavailable in high numbers because the animals will tend to run awayfrom the hunted regions to safer regions in the wild (Universityof Illinois, 2016).If a particular wildlife organization decides to use hunting as aform of population control, they should ensure that they recruitwell-trained hunters. In some instances, it is advised that theyshould shoot only one type of animal sex, such as the females andleaving the male so as to reduce reproduction (Universityof Illinois, 2016).Moreover, hunters are given a specific area to hunt so as to makeensure that the process is effective. This will also ensure that theanimals are not over harvested.

Furthermore,it is necessary that hunters hunt from elevated stands for a betterview and to ensure that they only shoot one specific animal. Theregulation of the numbers of animals killed per hunter each day isalso necessary so as to avoid killing more than expected. Theeffectiveness of population control through hunting does not requirea day, but should take several days. In some instances, there arepeople who live very close to the wild and animals may always strayto their agricultural farms, for such cases they are allowed to adoptsimilar hunting techniques so as to safeguard their property fromanimals’ destruction (Universityof Illinois, 2016).

Theadoption of live ammunition has attracted hunters also to justifyunwarranted killing game of animals(Shea,&nbsp2014).Unlike nature, which kills those animals or wildlife that are old,sick, weak or small, hunters who hunt for game meat do not take intoconsideration these factors. In fact, they kill those that arestrong, large, and with desirable characteristics such as large hornsin the case of deer. As a result, the population of these specieswith desirable genetic codes keeps deteriorating.

InAsian and African countries, which are the powerhouse of the bigfive the lion, the elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, and the leopard,there have been more deaths of wildlife as a result of poaching andhunting for game meat (Shea,&nbsp2014). In some of the countries in these regions, people hunt for food,while others do it with the intention to sell parts of animals suchas tusks and skins, which is termed as poaching. As a consequence,some animal species have become endangered. Most of the countrieshave prohibited game poaching as it is against the principles ofwildlife control and now people only hunt if they have permits.Unlike hunting, poaching results to the elimination of endangeredspecies that in the long run results to its extinction (Shea,&nbsp2014).


Manynational parks, reserves, and conservancies have made great stridesin trying to manage wildlife population so as to solve human-wildlifeconflicts and overpopulation in the wild. Despite the natural ways ofpopulation control such as food chains and other natural deaths inthe wilderness, there has been a need to use alternative methods ofanimal population control such as hunting and other technique. Thesemethods have been effective but has also attracted poaching. As aresult, every hunter must have a permit, which will ensure safehunting and balanced habitats and ecosystems.


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