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Illegal Immigration



Illegalimmigration refers the entry of unauthorized residents into a countrywithout the required documents or the stay of those who were may havebeen admitted temporarily but they have stayed past the given date inwhich they were required to leave (Casey &amp Watkins, 2014). Thecharacteristics of this illegal immigration have changed due tochanges in political, economic conditions and the immigration laws inthe United States of America.

Buildinga Wall

Currently,a small percentage of US borders is fenced off. The bigger percentageis being monitored by Border Patrol Agents which majority of them isgrouped in areas like Tucson and San Diego. Those who will patrolthese areas have brought down the illegal immigration. This barriernot one joint structure, but it is made up of small physical wallsfitted with a system of sensors and cameras. A number of personnelwill be employed a long these walls on the US side which are supposedto pursue common objectives and goals which is to safeguard theinterest of all citizens of United States of America.( Casey &ampWatkins,2014)

Disadvantagesof Building a Wall

Mostof these non-citizens who are determined in crossing the boundary cando so with or without the fence. This wall will also give false senseof tight security and making security officers to relax. This maycause those people who are against illegal immigration to think theycan break the law and attack the immigrants.

Ifthe wall would be built using concrete, it will be very costly to thecountry. This is because the cost of labor and acquiring a land willbe factored in. The wall will likely cost billion dollars. In orderto pay for this wall, the federal government will have to pass thelaw of including building plan in the national budget.



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