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Sincemy childhood days, I have persistently had a strong passion towardsleadership. I always find it intriguing exercising my governanceskills to the best of my ability, diligently serving the people whohave trusted me and granted me the mandate to lead them and improvethe quality of their lives. I am glad I was given the opportunity toserve my high school as a Student Council President. The positionprovided me a suitable platform to enhance my leadership skills, gainmore experience and above all serve the students by addressingvarious challenges they faced in our learning environment.

Duringmy tenure, I was able to accomplish most of the plans I had outlinedin my manifesto. As a spokesman of the entire student body, I wasable to address various challenges faced by students. For instance, agood number of the students had negative traits such as lack ofinterest towards education some of them were disrespectful to theschool authority and other officials. Because of that, I liaised withthe school administration and other student leaders where we wereable to come up with mentorship programs to help the students changetheir attitudes and be motivated in their academic work. I was alsoable to advocate for collaboration between the school administration,teachers, parents and students to help solve challenges such asfinancial and family issues which affected the academic progress ofmost learners. More importantly, I was able to enhance student unityand coordination by sensitizing them on the importance of culturaldiversification so that they can be tolerant to learners fromdifferent ethnic and racial backgrounds. That subsequently improvedtheir learning experience and general academic performance.

Nonetheless,I feel so sorry that I had to be impeached from the position as thePresident of the Student Council because of some problems that I wasinvolved in outside the school. I wish the entire student council thebest of luck under the leadership of the new president, TroyHernandez. I believe he has the qualities to govern the council andthe student body towards achieving the best for everyone.